Dancing with the stars

It all started with my life changing ballet solo .. I walked onstage feeling queasy .. I knew in my heart I was ready but my feet , body and head were screaming RUN ... RUN ...... RUN ........ I swear I was tempted but something caught my eye .... no it wasnt the thousands of diamonds glittering on the costumes of the corps de ballet , it was the five teenage idols sitting front row ....


2. C H A P T E R T W O

"EVE!" My Mom screamed .

I awoke from the consuming blackness and stared at the ceiling. My mom helped me up and asked me if i was okay. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes hoping I was okay and I didn't hurt anything for  my upcoming performance. The deafening silence between my mom and I was driving me crazy . I opened my eyes and winced at all the different shapes from rubbing at my eyes too hard . I streched my limbs tentivly ahhhhhhhh nothing hurted . Next thing , stand up. So I did without difficulty and faced my Mom. Sorry mom , tripped on the carpet I mummbled with what I hoped looked like a sheepish expression on my face . I would never be able to tell her  about me blacking out .. She'd probably never let me dance again . I sat down again. "Lets watch a movie " I said trying to take my mind off things . BEEP BOP BEEP BOP . That was Bella . Hey Eve , jeez my nerves are really annoying me ... I splashed a whole load of paint on my hollister top .. hope things are well XXXXXXX bells .

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