Dancing with the stars

It all started with my life changing ballet solo .. I walked onstage feeling queasy .. I knew in my heart I was ready but my feet , body and head were screaming RUN ... RUN ...... RUN ........ I swear I was tempted but something caught my eye .... no it wasnt the thousands of diamonds glittering on the costumes of the corps de ballet , it was the five teenage idols sitting front row ....


1. C H A P T E R O N E

HHHHHHHHHHH........ what do you do when you have a life changing ballet solo ???? What do you do when that solo is tomorrow night ??? I'm not exactly bad at staying calm .. its just when your kind of under pressure to be perfect you can have your moments sometimes . After being sent home from school due to stress tremers , my mom suggested I relax or something  because worrying really wasnt helping my complexion . She stopped teasing sharpish after she saw the look on my face . But I decided ...hey.. might as well make use of my non at school time . At first I decided to make a list of what I needed for tomorrow ... And then I remembered that everything was packed away carefully in my theatre case in my all new glamorous mega expensive dressing room ( that I hated) so I had nothing to do. Then I decided to text Bella ,my absolute BFF in the dance acedemy .... Hey Bell, nervous for tomorrow ... I am .. anyway see u on stage XXX .... UGH I had to sit down for a moment to steady the nerves. EEEEEEVVVVVE????? DINNERS READY ... that was my mom calling . HA fat chance I would eat anything  in the state I was in . I decided to go down anyway ...just as I was on the stairs the nerves took over my body and the last thing I recalled was a me rolling downwards and then blackness.

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