Dancing with the stars

It all started with my life changing ballet solo .. I walked onstage feeling queasy .. I knew in my heart I was ready but my feet , body and head were screaming RUN ... RUN ...... RUN ........ I swear I was tempted but something caught my eye .... no it wasnt the thousands of diamonds glittering on the costumes of the corps de ballet , it was the five teenage idols sitting front row ....


3. B U S S T O P

 I went to sleep easily that night . Too easy I thought . Where was all the worry ?? Did it just pack its bags and leave ???  BEEP BOP BEEP BOP hey eve 8.00 at the bus stop ya?XXXXXX ... ya c ya there XXXX eve . God this was starting to freak me out .I found everything for my uniform easily  ( extra unusual) and went downstairs . EAT ! my mom said desperately . And then and there I realised what was wrong . After falling last night my worry had been shaken out of me .I had to go to school and take my mind of things . My mom looked at me strangely when I told her I was going to school early ( I was never one for liking school) so I quickly grabbed my bag and ran  . I met Bella panting .... " Hey gorgeous , in a rush to go somewhere ?" was what I got from her .... suddenly I saw the funny side of it and burst out laughing as we walked arm in arm down the road to school. ( completely forgetting that we were meant to be getting the bus ).....

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