The Girl from Slytherin

The Girl from Slytherin was sly, manipulative, ambitious, determined and cunning, everything a Slytherin should be. So why did she, the girl who got put into the 'evil' house have such an affect on the rest of the school? Wasn't everybody else meant to hate the Slytherin's? Was it because she was a trouble-maker, yes. But there was something else about her. Something that nobody could quite understand.Something that inticed people to want to find out what was really hidden behind those dark Green eyes.


2. First Impressions

The first thing everybody in the hall had noticed was her 'looks'. She was stunning. She possessed bright blonde hair with loose curls and the most exquisite eyes you had ever seen. They were dark green surrounded by the longest lashes that looked like they could 'woo' anyone with a flutter. Those eyes. Those eyes had something about them, something that made everybody long to gaze into them and just stay there forever. Her dark green eyes were so piercing against her pale complexion that most people could barely take their eyes away from her long enough to admire the rest of her. She was wearing a tight-fitted black vest top and tight leggings. This outfit highlighted her slender body and even more so the fact that she had the longest legs you would ever set your eyes upon. Already this girl had had caused such a stir and she hadn't even opened her mouth yet.




As she walked half way towards the Teacher's table with her eyes fixated on one point, Hollie allowed her eyes to wander around the room, taking in all the hypnotised faces. She couldn't believe how many people had gawping faces at her. She caught the eye of this one boy who appeared to be in the same year as her. She recognised his face immediately. It was Albus Potter. The son of The Boy Who LIved. Wow. She couldn't believe it. She shot him a glance and one of her winning smiles. By 'winning smile' she means one of those smiles where everybody around her melts. If you could see her smile, you would see that she doesn't give away too many secrets. Her motto is 'Always leave them wanting more'. Another intrigueing element.




Albus had felt like nothing else in the world existed. There he was being one of hundreds of people to gaze upon this gorgeous specimen and she chose to look at him. HIM!! Not only did she look, but their eyes interlocked it was only for less than a second but that was the best less-than-a-second in his whole entire life. His heart had been lifeted and he was sky-high with happines when the next boost of Albus' love radar jolted upwards. She smiled. Oh my. He thought he was going to faint. He smile was heart-stoppingly perfect. Albus hadn't realised how engrossed he was at looking at this girl whom he had only known for about 20 seconds until his cousin, Rose, nudged him back to sanity.

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