Darcy And Me - Special Thanks

Harry and Ariana use to be inseparable. They loved each other so much it hurt. Harry taught her how to love. And how to break a heart. Two months after dating Harry saw another offer, and left behind Ariana. But nine months later, his daughter is born. Will Harry find out? Or will it stay a secret? Thank you all soooo much for the reviews and comments!! We love ya! ~ Ash, Amaya, Kat and Jayden! <3


18. Your The King, And Shes The Queen


Ariana's POV

I turned around to see Harrys figure, standing tall in the doorway. Photographers shot photos of the door and me before running over to him. 

Harry pushes them out the frame quickly. Ignoring all the questions, he slammed the door. "What...what are you doing here...?" I ask cautiously. He turned around.

"You really think I'm going to let these...these bastards to invade our home and our daughter?" Harry asked.

Blushed creeped up my cheeks. "What do you mean by our?" Harry sighed, walking over to me. I take a step closer to him.

"In the closet you said-"

"Forget about that Ari."

"But you still have a girlfriend!"

"Thats why I came over to you." 

I heard Darcy crying, interrupting my fight with my ex. Us being the parents, we both rushed to Darcy's room. She was up in her bard bed, tears streaming down her face.

"Darcy what happened?" Harry asked gently. 

Darcy reached her arms out, in which Harry gladly picked her up. "Mommy was screaming at the monsters at my door. She was welling them to go way. She told dem to get away from me." She spoke. I gently kissed her cheek. 

"Well mommy is a very nice mommy, isn't she?" Harry cooed. I blushed, hiding my face in the dark room. Darcy continued. 'Den someone else came and to get away from Mommy. Was dat you Daddy?" She whispered. 

I tense, but Harry relaxed slightly. "Yes it was baby." Darcy dug her face in the crook of his neck. "Den your Mommy's King! Your da king, Mommy's the queen, and I'm the pwiness." 

Both of us were startled by Darcy's words.

We quickly said goodnight to her and exited the room, closing and locking the door. 

The two of us stood there, facing the door. It was completely silent. No noise, or screaming, or flashes. 

Her words were stuck in my brain though. They were screaming to me.

"Harry is the king, and I'm his queen."


Aww! Darcy!!

~ Foxxy

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