Darcy And Me - Special Thanks

Harry and Ariana use to be inseparable. They loved each other so much it hurt. Harry taught her how to love. And how to break a heart. Two months after dating Harry saw another offer, and left behind Ariana. But nine months later, his daughter is born. Will Harry find out? Or will it stay a secret? Thank you all soooo much for the reviews and comments!! We love ya! ~ Ash, Amaya, Kat and Jayden! <3


26. SweetHeart

Ariana's POV

Harry grinned evilly, giving the rest of the boys a smirk, eyeing Niall and Lizzie. Liam walked straight over to Amaya, making the first move.

"I would like to show you something! Come on guys!" He said. Amaya looked star-struck. Her smile grew big as she followed him out of the room. Eve was already talking to Zayn, with Louis eyeing her. 

"Ash, go get Zayn." I whispered. Ash nodded then walked over to Zayn, tapping his shoulder. When he turned around, she motioned him to follow her in the kitchen. I winked at them with a smirk. 

This is going well. 


Eve's POV

Zayn was charming, to say the least. He was funny and nice to me, but out of the corner of my eyes, I could see Louis staring at me. It creeped me out a little. Ariana was whispering things to the girls. 

I watched as she whispered something to Ash, who then came over and took Zayn's attention away from me. I was relieved-the only thing he would talk about is his hair or upcoming concerts. 

Ash lead him out of the room, which then only contained Louis, Niall, Lizzie, Ariana, Harry, Darcy and me. I sat on the couch, pulling out my phone in the process. Yeah, I was bored. 

As soon as I sat down though, the space beside me dipped. I looked over to see Louis fiddling with his hands.

"Uh, hi." I say. He blushes, waving his hand. We sit in silence until his phone starts to vibrate. Louis checks it, smiles then puts in away. His smiling face turns to me.

"Would you like to see the balcony?" He asks quietly. 

I nodded my head eagerly. Louis takes my hand, smirking at me before we both leave the apartment. 


Lizzie's POV

My hands fiddled with Darcy's tiny ones, letting her play with me. I could see how she was the daughter of the couple. She had Ariana's silky hair with Harrys emerald eyes. I smiled as she kissed my fingers. 

"I want a child someday." I turn around to see Niall smiling down at Darcy.

"Yeah, me too." I replied. Niall sat down next to me. I noticed he would steal glances at me from Darcy every once in a while. I caught him the next time he glanced at me, staring into his beautiful eyes. 

"Yes Niall?" I ask.

He blushes a deep red, turning to Darcy. Darcy figured out what was going on and smiled cheekily. "

Uncle Niall likes Aunt Liz!" She yelled. Now we both turned a darker shade of crimson. Darcy bolted to Harry, who was laughing alongside Ariana. 

"What a sweetheart." He chuckled. 



~ Paintbrush

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