Darcy And Me - Special Thanks

Harry and Ariana use to be inseparable. They loved each other so much it hurt. Harry taught her how to love. And how to break a heart. Two months after dating Harry saw another offer, and left behind Ariana. But nine months later, his daughter is born. Will Harry find out? Or will it stay a secret? Thank you all soooo much for the reviews and comments!! We love ya! ~ Ash, Amaya, Kat and Jayden! <3


3. Interview...

Ariana's POV

I had to take Darcy with me to an interview because my babysitter, Luna cancelled. Knowing Alan Carr he is going to ask who she is. I cant lie to him about Darcy. I'm going to tell them.

I'm only dreading this interview cause I'm after the boys. I'm just going to ask Bella if she can watch Darcy during the interview. Who wants a little girl running around a zillion dollar studio? Not Alan Carr.

Back to what I said. I meant he is going to have pictures but I'm not bringing her on stage. That's already settled.

****skip car ride***

When I got to the studio fans were screaming there heads off. Wow.

Bella was already in the studio.

'And here comes the little red ridding hood ARIANA GRANDE" I heard Alan scream.When I walked out there they were the boys. Great! NOT!

Alan handed me my microphone . 

I started to sing my song...

The Way.

I love the way you make me feel.

I love it , I love it.

I love the way you make me feel I love it....

"The way I love you!" I ended it.

Then there was a scream. "MOMMY!" I dropped the microphone and rushed backstage. Bella held a sobbing Darcy in her arms. "Bella! What happened to Darcy?!" I ask quickly, taking the child in my arms and rushing into the back room. Bella followed. 

"She was practicing ballet and she tripped. I brought her over to the stage because she wouldn't let me help her without you." She explains. I pull her into a hug. "Thanks." I say. Bella leaves the room to get some tape. 

I turn back to Darcy, who smiled at me. I examined the cut on her knee and was about to clean it off when I heard a voice behind me. 

"Let me help." 


Small Chapter

~ Had to edit!! Sorry!!


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