Darcy And Me - Special Thanks

Harry and Ariana use to be inseparable. They loved each other so much it hurt. Harry taught her how to love. And how to break a heart. Two months after dating Harry saw another offer, and left behind Ariana. But nine months later, his daughter is born. Will Harry find out? Or will it stay a secret? Thank you all soooo much for the reviews and comments!! We love ya! ~ Ash, Amaya, Kat and Jayden! <3


17. Everything Is Wrong


Harrys POV


I messed up didn't I? Telling her I love another woman then going off about how much I love Darcy as well. 

Ariana was right though. I couldn't be a father to my little girl if I had another woman on my hands. I sat on the boxes of useless clothes and supplies, a sigh escaping my lips.

"Why can't I just do things right for once?!" I say. My foot kicked the box underneath me. Unfortunately for me, the box caved in and I fell straight into the mounds of fabric.

A tuxedo sleeve was draped over my arm. I removed it swiftly and saw a tiara on my chest. My hand slowly picked it up, examining it. 

Next to me was a bouquet of fake roses. I studied them before an idea clicked in my head. I was going to father my child, and let the love of my life stand right beside me. Ariana and Darcy Styles. 


Ariana's POV

I had just laid Darcy down in her cot when the doorbell rang. I scurried as over to answer it when it swung open. A mob of photographers charged in, snapping photos every second.

"Hey! Get out!" I yelled. I forgot Darcy was asleep, so when she started to cry, the men raced to her room. Luckily for me, I had locked it. 

"Get away from my daughter!" I scream, yanking their collars away from Darcy's bedroom door. But they just rattled the door knob frantically. I was scared for Darcy, since not many photos are taken of her. 

Darcy started screaming, yelling for me. "Darcy! Keep calm baby! Mommy is right at the door. "

"Get out of my girlfriends apartment, and get away from Darcy!" 



You guys just love this book don't you? So, I tried to make it longer but I failed. Sorry.








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