Forget the past


1. Drunk

He pressed my body up against the wall, as his lips were exploring my exposed neck. I moaned out in pleause and lust. My hands were on his neck, pressing his body closer to me, trying to fill out the air between us. His breath was fast, and his hands desperate to open up the zipper in the back of my dress. The dress fell down around me, and I lifted my feet one by one, and then I kicked the dress away. My heals were clicking against the floor as we stumbled away from the wall, and clumsily fell down on the bed. Though it wasn't flawless, none of us cared. We had too much alcohol in our systems to even judge each other. My hands ran from his hips, and grabbed his shirt, and then they ran up his body, pulling his shirt of at the same time. He helped me ripping it over his head, while my hands explored his hips, abs and chest. I didn't know if it was because of the state I was in, or if he just was smoking hot. I kicked my heels off, and let them fall over the edge of the bed, and hit the floor. His hands ran up my back, and in one easy move I could feel my bra get lose around my chest case. I pulled the straps down, and he grabbed it and threw it away from us, out of the bed. His lips found my lips, and my hand found his neck. I pulled one of my legs over his hip, and pressed his body close to mine, as our tongues hungrily were fighting for dominance. He groaned deep back in his throat, as my breasts got pressed against his naked chest.
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