home at last

ashley huff has got left alone in the woods by some of her (now ex)friends.she finds some stuf to help her survive and then here comes this guy in the woods.what will happen next?


1. why me?

hi im ashley huff. me and some friends of mine went on a hike."where are we going again?" i said. "you'll see!" my current boyfriend luke said.he had a smile like he was up to something. Which really confused me." i have to use the bathroom!" i said. "well go behind a tree!"my friend sally said laughing. so i did and i heard all of them whisphering.then when i got done,nobody was there.i had thought they playing a trick on me like always.then i went looking for them,(i was probaly looking for about 2 hours) then i just sat there a started crying."why me?why me?"i started to yell."why would they do this to me? i thought we were all friends?"i asked my self." well looks like ill be here awhile.so no need to keep whinning!" i said to my self. but when i get back home(if i do)then me and luke  are so over!!!!!!

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