home at last

ashley huff has got left alone in the woods by some of her (now ex)friends.she finds some stuf to help her survive and then here comes this guy in the woods.what will happen next?


3. where am i?

i have been here for a couple of days now and still have no idea where i am.i found this cool little water fall area and i made a knife thing from a stick to get food. when i was younger i was a girl scout so this stuff is kinda easy. SHHHH!i hear something i start to back up and i run in to something i turn around right then and sceamed to the topof my lungs.he screamed to(like a little girl)"hahaha!",i laughed. he asked my name i didnt say nothing then i said "ashley,you?",i said scared but trying to act cool."harry",he said."why are you here?", i asked. "i got lost", he said."me too", i said."do you know where we are", i asked. "Yellowstone",he said. "well i have a little place over there if you want to stay with me?",i asked "sure",he replied. yes thank god that boy is hot! "well lets make a fire.", he said. i smiled.

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