Back For You (OneDIrection FanFiction)

Taylor Maclaren is 19 years old and is finishing university in London to become a makeup artist. She goes to a Global Gathering event where her life changes.


2. Not fangirling?

As usual there are alot of people at the foodcourt. I walk over to Indonasian food section and see five boys standing there. One of the boys who had blond hair, very blue eyes and an Irish accent was shoving his face in to the plate full of food. 


"May I have a plate of food please?" I ask the man standing behind the stand.


"Yes. you can have the last plate. This boy over here had eaten up the rest!" The man said pointing at the blond haired boy. The boy suddenly looked up and said something that I didn't expect him to.


"No! I want the last plate! may I have it please???" He said looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. 


"No! I am not going to give you my food! I haven't eaten breakfast!" I say eagerly than start laughing


"Okay meanie..." The boy said with a sad expression on his face.


"Awww you can have it!" I say handing him the plate.


His face suddenly lit up and he started to shove food in his mouth.


"Whoa! Vas Happenin? why isn't she fangirling?" The boy standing next to Perrie from little mix said. 


She stares at me and asks "You  don't recognize them?"


I look at the boys ,and said "Yes I do! They are one direction!"


"Whoa! why aren't you fangirling?" the boy eating a carrot said spitting carrots out.


"Because I am not really your fan..?" I said


~Cathy & Elizaveta

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