Pink Balloons

For the picture competition


1. Pink Balloons

Sitting on the bench I face the fact that he has stood me up again. Slowly I heave myself up from the painted seat and set of towards to wrought iron gate, leading out of the park. On the way a bemusing sight meets my eyes. A large bunch of pink balloons is bobbing along the hedge, and is making its way towards the exit.  Balloons had always brought back memories to me so I smiled at this sight. 

 In my minds eye I could see my parents buying a single blue balloon, saying it was a present for someone special. I was 3 and had never encountered a balloon before; this was a new and exciting experience  for me. "Me carry!" I proclaim, clutching the silver string in my sticky hand. I still have a picture, my face glowing with the pride of having this important task.  We wandered through this very same park, and down at the far end - near where I was standing now - poised a colourful stall announcing it sold balloons. In the spur of the moment I let go of the  blue balloon and ran towards the kiosk. Instantaneously I realised my mistake and reached out for the wilting string , but as would be expected it was not there. I peered into the sky and saw it spiralling towards a tree before POP! As the balloon exploded my heart too went pop. My special blue balloon had burst.

Tears prick my eyes, as I remember the events, and obscure my vision. Through the watery blur, I can make out the balloons making their way towards me. The sun shines through the trees making the balloons dappled. As the balloons draw close I step out of the way to let them past. Nonetheless, the balloons waver when they arrive next to me, and an impish face appears from within their midst. 

"Luke?" I query his name. He grins at me evidently pleased with his big appearance. Yet before I can shout at him for being late, he wraps his arms around me and kisses me gently. 

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