Pink Balloons

For the picture competition


3. Loving Farewell

Once outside Luke's house, I resort to the menial method of aiming small stones at his window. Eventually Luke's head emerges out of the window, his tousled locks and misty eyes suggesting he had been asleep. 

"What do you want? Oh it's you Beckie,"  He shouts down from his room. 

"Sorry" I murmur, tears constricting my speech. "I love you" 

With my last words I totter down the street with my bag under my skinny elbow. When I look back I see understanding register on his face, and as he leaves his room to come after me, I slip into an alleyway to wait until he passes. As I predicted he jogs past the small opening in a tattered hoody and patched pyjama bottoms. I hold my breath and wait until his calls and the slap of his slippers on the pavement become distant and muffled. 

I decide to stay in the alleyway after all, as it is warm and dark and no-one will pass this way till morning. I drop my bag onto the floor with a resounding clunk before taking out my glittering helper. With my clammy hand I lift it up and submerge it into my stomach.

As I feel my life escaping from me, like air from a balloon my head drops onto my chest, feeling heavy like a lead balloon. Just before I leave this world, I remove a crisp white envelope from my bag and lay it next to me. Inside, it states Luke can have my pink balloons. "Luke." I sigh as my last breath leaves me. 




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