Pink Balloons

For the picture competition


2. Last Regrets

Back in my room I face my mistakes. Easy tears roll down my cheeks as I think of all the things I was planning to say. I scramble for my phone, ready to text Luke and explain why I think we should split up. As I hit the unlock button the chipped screen shines a painful picture in my eyes. Me and Luke kissing in the sunset, on our first date. 

I drop the phone and let out a scream of anguish. My heart wants to break out from my chest and I can't stand the pain Luke is putting me through. After what appears to be hours, I hiccup and take in a large gulp of air. Telling myself I am being unreasonable, I reach out for my phone once more just to find it unusable. A large crack stretches across the screen and the battery has run away and refuses to be found. 

Opting for my computer - rather than attempt to use my phone - I bring up Skype and send an instant message to Luke. "Hi Luke. Just wanted to say thank you again for my balloons." I send a fleeting look to the bouncing mass in the corner of my room. "And I forgive you for everything you have ever done or said." And with my patented thumb nail, I click the SEND button. 

Almost instantly he replies, and we somehow agree to meet up tomorrow, yet again in the park. Feeling the same way I used to when we organised dates, I hop towards my mahogany wardrobe and pick out a short black skirt and a black and white shirt. Struggling with my shaking hands, I fasten the scratched gold buttons up on my top and wriggle into the black skirt before putting on my strappy high heels. 

With one regretful look at the balloons in the corners I slip out of the window and set off towards Luke's house


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