She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love (sequel to Why Be A Bully)

right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stopped it and ran away, she's afraid of falling in love because of Louis being her past bully, what will happen next? can she be friends with Louis, forget what happened, continue as normal and just be friends? will she leave her job of being One Direction's lyricist because of the action? will she let herself fall in love with Louis? or will she always be afraid of falling in love? read on to find out, hope you all like it :)


26. plans

Harry's point of view

when Louis went missing we all were scared, and considering that he used to bully her, Summer was really sad about him, she cried in my arms for a bit, I was a tad bit jealous, would she cry this much if it was me that got taken? would she go looking for me? would she be even worried? what the heck Harry, why are you thinking this, snap out of it, Summer is yours, she agreed to be your girlfriend so that means yes, I miss Louis though, its been 4 hours and we've looked around town for the vehicle that we saw Louis getting shoved in  it.

"do you guys remember the registration number" Liam asked,

"yeah of course Liam, and we really keep note of that when our friends been pulled away in the car" I sighed, they all laughed,

"alright sarcky what was the vehicle like" Zayn asked,

"well it was black, a range rover I think, quite big and had tinted windows" Summer spoke up,

"right, that's good who could it be this time" Niall asked,

"the same person its always been, Megan, she wanted Louis, and now she's got him" Summer spoke up

"but she's in jail though right" Niall asked,

"true, she did get arrested and put n jail for Summer's kidnap" Zayn said,

"but she could have escaped" Liam said

 "true, who knows what she's going to do to him" I frowned,

"or what she's going to say" Liam spoke up,

"Liam, what are we going to do"  Summer asked, we all turned to Liam

!well first of all we go to the police, then also tell the fans, coz if they can find our lyricist, they can so find Louis" Liam replied,

"that is so  true" we replied,

"ill put it on twitter" I spoke up,

they nodded and did whatever, I got my phone out and went on twitter

'guys you guys are the best right............right, well, Louis has been kidnapped, and as the F.B.I ;) you guys can help us find him so please spread the word' was the first one

'and help us find Louis, we miss him :/ love you all :) x' I continued,

"that's sorted, the fans will be on the job within 2 minutes" I smiled,

"well done, and more like 2 seconds, cmon they know everything and everywhere we go" Zayn chuckled,

"true" we all replied,

"but that's why we love them, there so dedicated" Liam added,

"that is also true" we laughed,

we all made plans that we would split up to search for him, Liam, Summer and me searching the place where Summer and me saw Louis get taken with me driving me car, and Zayn and Niall, around town, with Niall driving his car,

"meet here at 5pm, we'll have something to eat and search again after, if anyone finds him just call" Liam organised,

"and if we don't find him by the end of the day, we'll call the police, not that they'll do anything anyway, our fans will find him, mot the police, I bet you" Zayn said

"yeah, police are pricks when it comes to real crimes and all over you like a rash for something like parking on double yellow lines, or driving to slow" I spoke up

we all nodded and went to the scene of the crime

Authors note

im sooo sorry I didn't update yesterday, I have exams and I have been revising all weekend, and this is for a level not some end of year test s I have to revise hard, im so sorry, so I hope you like this chapter, thank you for being patient :) ps I will be updating less maybe, just warning you, but after there over I will update it as soon as, thank you to everyone who has liked, favourite and commented :)

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