She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love (sequel to Why Be A Bully)

right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stopped it and ran away, she's afraid of falling in love because of Louis being her past bully, what will happen next? can she be friends with Louis, forget what happened, continue as normal and just be friends? will she leave her job of being One Direction's lyricist because of the action? will she let herself fall in love with Louis? or will she always be afraid of falling in love? read on to find out, hope you all like it :)


8. normal day

Still Louis' point of view

when I woke up I gave myself half an hour to wake up, none of the others we're up, I decide to text Lottie,

me - 'hey sis, now, what the heck is Summer and mines old lyric sheet in my suitcase :) x'

Lottie - 'hmmm...I wonder how that got there ;) I thought it would encourage you to tell her how you feel bro :) x'

me - 'I don't like her if that's what your trying to say :) x'

Lottie - 'you do :) x'

we argued like this for a while until I told her I needed a shower, still no one was up, we said bye and so I had a shower. when I came out of the shower, naked coz I wasn't expecting anybody to be up and I had forgotten to bring my clothes, so I dried my hair and went out the bathroom,

"Louis" Summer screamed,

"sorry" I yelled running in the bathroom, "can you toss me my clothes" I asked, and then felt them come timbering down on me, I got ready and went out, red faced, awkward,

"your as bad as Harry getting naked" Summer said,

"I thought no one was up sorry" I replied, she giggled, "by the way it was Lottie who put the lyrics in my suitcase" I replied,

"oh right, why" she asked, im not telling her what Lottie said,

"coz she thought we could use it" I smiled,

"oh right" she replied,

soon the others got up,

"dinner anyone" Niall asked,

"yeah" we all screeched, we decided to go to nandos, so we all got ready, Summer was getting something out of her wardrobe and Harry went over to Summer and hugged her from the back, it was cute but jealous burned up inside me,

"Harry stop it" she chucked as he breathed down her neck and ticked her, he kissed her cheek and went away, I felt like  murdering him at that point, woow, calm down Louis, she don't like you, and you have to except that, wait, that's who she likes, Harry.

Summer's point of view

when Harry went away from me he made me blush,

"awwww Summer's blushing, you really gotta ask her out" Niall teased, I blushed harder, the thing is I think I may have a little crush on Harry, but I actually l l lo lo, like Louis, I cant say that other 4 letter word though im not falling for Louis no, im not letting him hurt me again, I liked him once and how did that turn out, him bullying me, so no, Harry it is.

"I don't like her in that way" Harry snapped,

"you do" Zayn spoke up,

Louis was just quiet, so I walked over to him while Harry was arguing with all of them

"are you alright" I asked,

"yeah of course, are you" he smiled,

"yeah, your just quiet" I stated,

"im just tired" he replied, that's the oldest excuse in he book, theres something up he obviously don't want to talk about it so I just nodded, anyway we all went outside and paps swarmed around us again, we ignored them we started to get used to it.

Harry's point of view

I kept trying to flirt with Summer, I like her, a lot, I just don't know how to tell her, or even if I should tell her, Summer seems very secretive so I don't know if she likes me back, or even if she likes any of the others at least she wont like Louis coz he bullied her, what should I do,  we got mobbed by paps so I went over to Summer,

"ignore them, don't answer any questions, its none of their business" I soothed, she looked up at me and smiled,

"thanks Harry, I will try, its kinda hard when they shove their mics in our faces though" she replied,

"I know what you mean, you have us though" I winked she giggled,

"yeah that's true" she replied and s we all made our way in nandos, Liam ordered what we usually have and we all sat down talking, fans came upto us asking for pictures we didn't mind so we did, they were even nice to Summer, this has been the only normal day we've had for a while, itll probably change soon, but should I tell Summer or not

hey guys, so how are you finding this hope you like it, what do you think, should Harry tell Summer his feelings? should they go out? or should Summer say no and let Louis in and let herself fall for Louis? hope your enjoying it anyway :)

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