She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love (sequel to Why Be A Bully)

right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stopped it and ran away, she's afraid of falling in love because of Louis being her past bully, what will happen next? can she be friends with Louis, forget what happened, continue as normal and just be friends? will she leave her job of being One Direction's lyricist because of the action? will she let herself fall in love with Louis? or will she always be afraid of falling in love? read on to find out, hope you all like it :)


13. morning

Louis' point of view

as soon as we got to the subway we looked around, we looked around the subway fro any clues as to where Summer could be, nothing, I then saw a piece of paper on the floor, I was about to pick it up when my phone rang, I left the paper and quickly shuffled my phone out of my pocket, unknown number, hmmm......

"hello" I say warely,

"Louis.......hi babe" a creepy voice from the other side of the line said, I knew who's it was,

"Megan" I spat

"I have a little fan here with me" she laughed evilly,

"Megan, leave Summer the eff alone, stop being a bitch and have the balls to try and hit me and leave Summer out of this" I screamed down the phone

"oooo Louis don't talk to me like that" she said slyly,

" I can talk to you however I want, now let Summer go, now" I ordered

"only if you go out with me" she smirked,

"noooo Louis don't" I heard a yell, summer

"shut up" Megan yelled at her, I heard a scream, oh no, she's hurting Summer

"don't do it Louis if you don't want, ill be fine" she yelled again,

"I said shut up" Megan screamed,

"Louis for me, don do it" Summer yelled

"I said shut up bitch" she yelled, and then I head some more screams

"well I guess your little friend will have to suffer" Megan cackled

"let her go, just remember though, we'll find her" I replied

I don't think so" she cackled,

 "oh, I think so" I said and she hung up,

"who was that mate" Niall asked,

"Megan, she has Summer" I said, on the verge of tears, the thought of Megan hurting Summer was un bearable,

"is Summer alright" Liam asked,

"she was, but Summer kept yelling things down the phone to me saying don't go out with her coz Megan was blackmailing me, and I think she hit her or kicked her, I don't know, I just want to find her" I said anxiously,

 we talked for a bit, but decided it was time to sleep.


Summer's point of view

I woke up to the sunlight hitting my eyes, I looked up and squinted, I then realised where I was, and what happened last night, I then remembered, my phone, I took it out and dialled Louis number,

"hello" he said, his morning voice sounding so sexy,

"hello Louis" I asked,

"Summer, are you ok? are you hurt? did she hurt you? where are you?" Louis shot all the questions at me,

"wow Lou wow, im fine, she just slapped me, but im fine, I am in some basement/cellar somewhere I have no idea" I replied,

"I wish we knew where you were, we have work today, just saying if you know where you are, any clue's or whatever just call, any of the boys will answer, so please just call" he asks,

"I will, I wish I knew, Louis im scared" I said shakily,

"don't worry Summer, we'll get you out, even if it means me going out with Megan to get you out, but we will" Louis said,

"Louis no, don't go out with Megan if you don't want to, im not worth it, and plus ill be fine, I just don't want to get hurt coz of me" I replied,

"now listen Summer, if it gets a long time and we still haven't found you, I will, you are worth it I....we love you and we want and need you here with us" he replied,

"awww Louis thanks you guys are the best" I smiled,

I know that was only one sentence but it meant so much, I never really had people that loved me, my mum and dad never cared about me, I moved in London coz of it, I've not even seen my little sister since she was 2, and now she 4, I miss her, but I think im falling truly madly deeply in love with Louis, no Summer you cant, you'll just get hurt, no,

"awww no problem babe, you are the best though, anyway, we gotta go, but we will get you out of there, to pass time just either think of lyrics, or just sing songs in your head" Louis advised,

"that's a really good idea, thank you Louis, bye" I said,

"bye Summer" he said and hung up, sigh, I looked around the room, there was paper and that's it, the room was rather small, empty and cold, sigh, now what

sorry this is a little later than I usually update, I went to a party

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