She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love (sequel to Why Be A Bully)

right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stopped it and ran away, she's afraid of falling in love because of Louis being her past bully, what will happen next? can she be friends with Louis, forget what happened, continue as normal and just be friends? will she leave her job of being One Direction's lyricist because of the action? will she let herself fall in love with Louis? or will she always be afraid of falling in love? read on to find out, hope you all like it :)


27. gun shots

Louis' point of view

when I was pulled out of the car may arms and feet were tied together, Megan, yes Megan kicked my stomach, I winced in pain, the smirk on her face grew bigger and never left her mouth, she disgusted me, how could I have ever gone out with her, she picked me up bridals style and took me in a house, which I presumed was hers, when we got in there were two of her friends there,

"Megan, I thought you were in jail" they said shocked,

 I know, I escaped along with some people I me in jail, I went to kidnap this dude and then here I am" she grinned, ughh

"welcome back Megan" one of the girls said,

"thanks, now take him to where we put the girl last time" Megan smirked,

so this is where they held Summer last time, the took me of Megan and started walking away,

"wait one minute" she said, they turned round, the girl gave me back to Megan,, what is this really, im not a ball, and then she kissed my cheek, I squirmed and broke free, yes, I ran for the door, which was open since she couldn't close it with having me

"get him, while I grab the gun" she yelled,

what, she has a gun, great im done for, I ran outside and kept running, I heard a gun shot, oh shit, run faster Louis run faster I told myself, just then another went off, she's such a psycho, I got my phone out of my pocket and dialled Harry's number,

"hello" his voice sounded down the phone,

"Harry, right, im fine but, im being chased" I said, im becoming weak, she kicked me before and that gave me less energy,

"Louis, where are you" he asked,

then BANG a third gun shot went off, suddenly I felt pain in  my back,

"Louis" Harry yelled, everything was going black, and I collapsed

"Louis" Harry screamed, I was to weak to reply, I dropped my phone and suddenly I slipped into darkness,

"Summer" I whispered with the  energy I had left

Megan's point of view

shit, I didn't want to shoot him, the shots were only to scare him, I never intended to be a bad person, I just wanted the person I love, Louis, I ran to his side he was still breathing, I looked around no one was looking, I dragged him to my house and picked up his phone to I didn't bather looking at it and laid him on the couch,

"Megan what the shit, really, you had to go shoot the guy, we know you like him, but really, just coz you can t have doesn't mean you ruin his life" my friend Katie yelled

"I know, I wasn't supposed to shoot him, the shot noise were supposed to scare him, I blame the girl he likes , Summer is her name" I yelled, I looked at Louis' lifeless body, he was bleeding badly, what should I do, if I give myself up, that mean double my sentence, but if I stay here, then he dies

Harry's point of view

Liam, Summer and I had just me the others at the hotel when I got a call, I didn't bother checking called I.D so I picked it up,

"hello" I answered

"Harry, right, im fine but, im being chased" Louis said down the phone,

"Louis, where are you" I asked, everyone whipped there heads around and came round me, then I heard a BANG, I didn't like the sound of that

"Louis" I yelled to see if he was ok, the others looked at me worriedly, no answer

"Louis" I screamed, still no answer oh no, something's going wrong, I listened to see if he was just joking

"Megan what the shit, really, you had to go shoot the guy, we know you like him, but really, just coz you can t have doesn't mean you ruin his life" a girls voice yelled, what, Megan's got him, and shot him, I covered the speaker so they didn't here me talk,

"Summer where does Megan live, we need to go now" I practically yelled,

"I don't know, but the police will" she replied, I nodded, I ended the call and dialled the police, my heart was beating a million miles an hour, scared if Louis was seriously hurt

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