She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love (sequel to Why Be A Bully)

right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stopped it and ran away, she's afraid of falling in love because of Louis being her past bully, what will happen next? can she be friends with Louis, forget what happened, continue as normal and just be friends? will she leave her job of being One Direction's lyricist because of the action? will she let herself fall in love with Louis? or will she always be afraid of falling in love? read on to find out, hope you all like it :)


19. free

Still Louis' Point of view

"Summer, you can now go home, but take it easy, you wont be able to walk and stuff, so one of these boys will have to" she smile we nodded and she left, we all cheered that she was going home,

"but who's going to look after me" she asked, "it doesn't matter, I can look after myself, just let me get my stuff" she said,

you may think we could all look after her, coz we have our own house that we all share, well we still do, but we only use it when we have longer off, since we only have just over a week off we go to our own houses, they live quite close, Summer doesn't have her own, yet, coz she was kidnapped when we got our own houses and so we told her everything about the houses, after we told the story she smiled,

"oh ok, ill just have to walk around and find a place, swivelling her legs off the bed, she took one step and fell on the floor, I was closest so I ran to her side, I bent down and carried her bridal style back to her bed,

"I don't think you'll be going anywhere at this rate" I chuckled gently placing her down on the bed,

"but you guys cant look after me, you guys are busy as it is, this album is being released in 2 months, so ill be fine" she replied,

"we have a few days off now" Liam spoke up, and she struggled to get off the bed as she then tried to slide of again,

"hold on their toots, one of us is going to look after to you" Harry winked, halting her from moving

" or no one leaves the hospital" Liam says firmly, we all laughed, Summer sighed

"who's going to take care of her though" Niall asked,

"I don't know, Loki's (dog) at my home and he'll just jump everywhere and we don't want him to knock over Summer, so its not a good idea to come mine" Liam said,

"Demi's sleeping at mine but if you like you can stay at mine" Niall said

"Niall, I know you mean well but we know Demi goes back to the US in a bit, I don't want to invade" Summer replied,

"awww Summer no, it don't matter" Niall replied,

"no, I cant Niall, putting on you guys is bad enough, but being in the way is worst" she replied, he sighed,

"Zayn" Liam asked,

"Perrie and I are kinda, uh...trying for a baby" Zayn said scratching the back of his head, we all sniggered but went 'awwwww'

"now, between Louis, or Harry" Niall smirked, oh brother

"how are we going to work this now" Liam asked,

"I only have one bed, and I don't think somehow you'll wanna sleep in the same bed as me, so you can go with Harry" I admitted, I really wanted her to, but I couldn't plus it made it easier,

"alright then, that's settled, is that ok Harry" Zayn asked, Harry nodded smiling,

we then started packing Summer's stuff, after 20 minutes Harry's phone rang,

"one sec" he said going out the door,

 another 20 minutes past of us talking and Harry came back in sighing

"uhhh... Summer, you may have to go in Louis' company after all" Harry sighed, what, yes, no, wait what am I saying, I was mentally fighting with myself, I will get over Summer, somehow,

"why" we all asked,

"coz, well, when we was all looking for Summer for the past three months, you guys made up for it, and well I didn't, so they want me in everyday this week, and then I have 3 days to myself, then back to work, so I wont be able to look after her" Harry replied, they all looked at me,

"what" I asked,

"well, is it ok" Niall asked,

"I don't have a problem with it, but what about Summer" I replied, then they all turned to her,

"first thing I have no choice anyway, and don't forget I had to share once before, and plus, were all friends" she smiled at me, "if its ok with Louis anyway" she adds,

"its no problem with me, but would you not mind sharing a bed with me, the couch aint comfy so I cant let you sleep on there, I barely could walk one day when I fell asleep on it" I replied,

"ok and no, ive done it before" she smiled, I nodded,

"right, so that's settled, Summer is being looked after by Louis" Liam stated,

"just done hurt her" Harry said, I glared at him and rolled my eyes,

Liam and the rest of the boys got Summer's stuff, they told me I had to carry Summer, so I did, bridal style, I looked well,

"im free" she laughed as we got out of the hospital and we made our way to the car laughing, I gently place her in the car and we headed for my house.

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