She's So Afraid Of Falling In Love (sequel to Why Be A Bully)

right this is the sequel to 'Why Be A Bully' you wont get this movella if you haven't read it, anyway, Louis and Summer have just kissed, but Summer stopped it and ran away, she's afraid of falling in love because of Louis being her past bully, what will happen next? can she be friends with Louis, forget what happened, continue as normal and just be friends? will she leave her job of being One Direction's lyricist because of the action? will she let herself fall in love with Louis? or will she always be afraid of falling in love? read on to find out, hope you all like it :)


1. after the kiss

Louis' point of view

when I went back in the studios, the boys all looked at me,

"she's ran in the toilets crying, what did you do to her" Liam asked,

"nothing, I just asked her what's up and she said it was coz of Megan and them she just left and ran" I replied,

"let's just leave her to think things through, when she's ready, then we'll go back to the hotel" Harry said, we all nodded

I didn't and couldn't tell the boys about the kiss, I didn't know if Summer would've wanted me to tell them about the kiss anyway, plus like there going to believe me when I said oh and she kissed back, I just wished she knew how I felt, and  just wish I knew how she felt, she kissed back, but then pulled away, what am I supposed to think? am I not a good enough kisser? did I just catch her at a weak moment and she kissed back in sad and loneliness and then realized who I was? or was she afraid of falling for me? no cant be, but still all these questions ran through my mind.

I decided to leave Summer alone to think, and the boys were in the recording room, Ed said his goodbyes and yelled goodbye to Summer, she yelled goodbye back, with a little sad voice, we all just thought its best to leave her to think things through, anyway, I left the room and made my way to the only room that we had to have a bit of fun in when we had breaks, it had a TV in there, chairs and tables, a piano, a table tennis thing, anyway, I sat down and turned the TV on, I felt tears stream down my face, I was so confused, I turned the TV on and put the music channel on, 'a million love songs' came on by Take That, which made the tears fall harder, I wiped them away, but when I did, more poured out, after about 15 minutes I had finally stopped the tears from falling, I soon heard footsteps coming in my direction, I expected it to be the boys, the door opened, I didn't look the see who it was,

"Louis, what you doing in here" Harry said, sitting himself on the couch next to me,

"entertaining myself until Summer is alright to go back to the hotel" I replied,

"oh" Harry said, then the others came in, we all talked for a bit, not about Summer though, which was good, coz if someone would've said her name I would just burst into more tears.

just then the door opened slowly, and in came a sad Summer, she had her head down,

"Summer are you alright" Harry said practically jumping up of the couch,

"yeah im fine, can we go home" she said quietly, and a little shaky,

"yeah sure, c'mon guys" Liam said, as we all walked out of the studios, I looked at Summer, she was still looking down, I've really messed up, big time, we all walked outside in silence, we walked to the tour bus and all of us hopped on it, I sat on my bed, which was the top bunk and I closed my eyes as the van moved, I was facing the wall, Harry was driving, Liam was sat underneath with Summer, Niall was opposite my bed eating pringles and Zayn was sharing them with him.

"are you sure your ok, Louis didn't harm you or hurt you" Harry asked from the drivers seat, for crying out loud, I thought Summer was the one to have a grudge, not him,

"im fine, and no, he didn't hurt me, thinking of the other one, was the cause of it" Summer said, I guess she was thinking the same as me, we didn't want the boys to find out, they'd pester us, and they'd be literally keeping an eye on me with her 24 hours a day, they'll be exactly like a hawk.

"you mean Megan" Zayn said,

"yeah" she sighed,

half an hour past and we arrived at the hotel, I climbed down the ladders of the bunk bed and followed everyone out of the bus, Harry and Summer were talking, at least she was talking, we all walked up the stairs to our room, Liam unlocked the room door and we all went in, I took my place on my bed and got in the quilt, my head hit the pillow and I started to close my eyes,

"Louis, your not going to sleep yet are you" Niall asked,

"yeah, why" I asked turning to him,

"we've not really discussed what happened" Niall said, for crying out loud, I already feel shit, this will make it 10 times worse,

"there's nothing really to discuss, didn't Summer tell you everything" I sighed,

"well you tell us" Harry spoke up,

"and what's that supposed to mean" I shot Harry a look, I knew exactly what it meant,

"well you've not exactly been the best of friends, and suddenly when she goes outside, and you go, ad then she comes back crying 10 times worse than before" he replied,

"Harry for eff sake, I didn't say anything to upset her" I half yelled half stated, which technically was true, I did something to upset her, not say anything,

"wow wow wow boys, calm down" Liam said,

"yeah" Zayn agreed.

"he's right he didn't say anything to upset me, he generally was trying to help" Summer spoke up, thank you Summer, not that I deserve it, see, she's so nice.

"Summer you don't have to protect him" Harry said,

"Harry if you like her, just effin ask her out, don't use this argument to get closer to her hoping she'll like you more, grow some balls and ask her out" I raged, harry was supposed to be my mate, not my enemy.

"im not using this to get closer to her, its far from that" Harry replied

"im going to sleep, I give up, I have made mistakes, everyone does, I go to help that person, and what do I get of my friends that told me to try and make it up, shit that's what" I sighed and turned to face the wall,

"sorry pal I just.......  please don't go to sleep" Harry said,

"what's point, no one will believe what I say, im stupid and an idiot who's made mistakes and regrets them, I may aswel just not exists, so since I don't like self harming or suicide, I may aswel sleep, you guys can talk, plus, im really tired" I huffed,

"Louis first of all your not an idiot, second thing, you are a great person and people for some strange reason look upto us, One Direction wouldn't be One Direction without you" Zayn stated,

"third, we'll all get some sleep now, coz its actually really late, and we will talk about this tomorrow" Liam spoke up,

"fine I sighed.

and so we all agreed, Harry shot me half a smile, im guessing he feels bad, so I shot him one back, he seemed happy that I gave him a smile back, and so we all got in our beds and went to sleep, what a night.

so how wss this chapter guys, good, or bad?

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