Dimension Jumper

4 Dimesions One life. Travel through dimensions o complete puzzles and to explore the unknown!

First of the Series!


2. 1st and 2nd Chambers

I front rolled to safety as i sat down on a small sofa in the middle of a small room. Suddenly, a loud,robotic voice that sounded like a cyborg boomed down from the ceiling, "Well done, you have shown great excellence in your past 2 years so we have chosen to see if you are clever enough to complete our puzzle chambers. Anyway, I'm The Puzzle Master, I own the place. My new recruits have just invented a special device that will transport you into different dimensions! If you are ready please take the gun in front of you!" Curiosity got the better of me as I immediately snatched the gun of its podium. The gun was glistening and somehow twinkled like a bright star on a pitch black clear night. On the side of it, it had four orange buttons that controlled he dimensions within the vast universe, "Thank you now we shall start testing." The deep manly voice faded away as a smart black elevator slid down from the tall ceiling. The White spotted doors opened up as I cautiously stepped inside. As quick as a flash I was transported to the first chamber...


The spotted doors opened up revealing the first puzzle chamber, "This test involves and includes: a laser gate, a button, a bomb and a checklist door. Also this test is very simple compared to our later chambers." In the chamber I could see a massive red laser gate looming over me like a giant right in front of me. Through the crimson red mist I could see a small button and right above it I could see a pitch black square stuck to the ceiling. The first obstacle was the laser gate, I peered left and right for an entrance around it  but it was just the guns that were shooting lasers, you looked downwards towards the ground to see if I could crawl through a small gap but still no. I thought I had to go through the deadly lasers until I stared up at the ceiling. A small circle gap appeared there but how was I supposed to get up there? Suddenly I had a fantastic idea, I scanned through the four buttons until a came across the no gravity dimension button I pressed gently as a white flash appeared then everything had turned a strange lime green color, 'Huh strange!' Then I started to float. I flew up towards the small hole as i tucked myself into a small sausage shape, like a torpedo I kicked my legs frantically and wildly like I was swimming. I closed my eyes to prepare for beastly pain... I flickered open one eye then soon the other. I WAS ALIVE! With no scratch or burn! I was so relieved. I was just about to press the normal dimension button until i realized i was still flying! I hovered down onto the ground and then pressed the normal dimension button, I safely fell onto the ground. Now for the second part, I examined the small purple button as I soon after pressed it softly as the black stuck on square flipped open as a small bomb fell down on top of me. I immediately pressed the rewind button with superhuman reflexes as... nothing happened, "Come on, come on work, work, WORK!!!" I shouted angrily at the non-working button. It was the end I thought to myself, but at the very last second just before the bomb exploded it happened. Everything turned dark orange as the bomb magically floated up back towards the ceiling. The black square flipped back where it usually was as a tick near the exit had turned from red - green. The doors swung open revealing another black elevator as the voice appeared again, "Hmm, quite impressive but you still have a lot to go so have fun!" The voice faded away as I stepped inside the elevator.


The elevator once more took me downwards as my tummy started to gurgle and I felt a bit sick because the elevator was traveling so fast... I was at the second chamber. "Now this next test involves A laser gate, buttons, a bomb, deadly acid and  an acid resistant bucket so you should better get started!" The voice said. To my left i could see a little, thin walkway with a button at the end of it. To my right I could see another crimson red laser gate with no holes and another button to the left with one more black square stuck to the metal roof. Behind the mist i could see the exit but an acetate like object covering it. I waddled over to the small button on the side wall as i pressed  it gently. A Maroon colored bucket fell down from the ceiling and immediately fell into the deep, murky water, "Well that was helpful!" I said sarcastically to myself. I knew I needed to get the bucket but how? I tried pressing the rewind button as everything turned orange again as the bucket flew up to the ceiling, but that didn't work! Suddenly, I had an excellent idea but I would need to be fast. I pressed the button that dropped the bucket from the ceiling then in the blink of an eye everything had turned lime green... I had pressed the no gravity. I flew over to where the bucket had now dropped as I then grabbed it with my hands as I then flew to the platform. I pressed the normal dimension button as I face planted the ground. THE BUCKET! It was wobbling on its side over the edge of the platform, I wriggled as I barely snatched before it fell. PHEW! Now for the next part. I sprinted over towards the laser gate with bucket still clutched in my arms, I skidded to a halt as I almost ran straight into the laser gate! My hair was millimeters away from burning and me becoming bald, i stepped away and placed the bucket onto the ground. I pressed the button as there was no way through the deep thick lasers letting of the burning crimson mist. A bomb fell down from the ceiling and fell right in front me as I crouched and placed my cold bitter hands over my head, split second later I opened my eyes and saw the bomb had not exploded but had still remained like it was about to explode. I threw the small purple bomb of the edge of the gleaming white platform into the water... It exploded. Like lightning it exploded opening up a small area in the laser gate I had to be quick on my feet... I grabbed hold of the bucket and jumped like a spring off the edge of the platform. I took out the dimension gun as it slipped out of my hands i reached out a hand as far as it would go as I only just pressed the No gravity dimension and everything turned green. I was floating in mid air a few centimeter away from dropping in the water as i flew back up to the hole. It was closing! With the bucket by my side I made another sausage shape and kicked by legs rapidly over the other side. I went back towards the platform near me as i landed safely in the real world. I looked to my right from the platform as there were gleaming pole winking at me with its dazzling eyes. I chose the right path as it looked suspicious. I leaped over onto the first pole, they were quite thin poles so I'd have to keep my balance or I would die! I gazed over to the next pole. It was moving up and down up and down repetitively! I waited for the right time as I almost jumped over but then I realized I wasn't going to take the risk. I knew I had to go there but how? After a minute or so I finally had one of my spectacular ideas. I scanned the buttons as i found the right one. I hadn't used it yet but I was sure that it would work. I pressed the button as everything turned bright yellow. I was in the slow motion dimension! The pole had slowed down a lot now, as it started going up and down I thought that I would need to get my timing right to survive. The pole went upwards once more as i jumped for my life... I wasn't dead! I had grabbed onto the pole with one arm as the other was carrying the bucket. With all of my upper body strength I flipped myself back up as I stood and waited as the pole carried me up towards the hole in the wall. I leaped to safety onto the next platform as I placed down the bucket. I had found an acid lake! I snatched hold of the bucket as I scooped up some of the oozing bubbling liquid. I carried over back towards the poles as I repeated the task but backwards and with the acid that I worried about tipping and splashing all over me. I crouched down onto the ground to safety as i leaped off the last pole. I looked forwards as I saw a large flight of white stairs leading to the exit. I sprinted over to the stairs as I climbed each one in about quarter of a second on each... I had reached the top. The only thing that was blocking me now was a see through glass type object. What was I supposed to do now? Wait until it had disappeared? What happened if it didn't disappeared? I placed the bucket on the ground as I angrily kicked over. THE ACID! 




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