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"Baby, They Don't Know About Us" is a fan-fiction of a relationship between Liam Payne and a model called Ariana. But what will happen when Ariana is forced into a relationship with Harry Styles, when no one know's that Liam and her are dating. Time will only tell until this love triangle is revealed.

Please note I also have this story on so if you see it on there by someone called ayms_1d it is me!!!!


3. Meetings With Simon

Ariana's POV:

Today Simon Cowell, yes Simon fucking Cowell from X-Factor, wants to meet me. Why the fuck he wants to see me? Who knows but its a very exciting thing! But anyway I am just sitting in the waiting room at the moment, awaiting for my name to be called, but Liam is keeping me occupied by texting me. But then when I tell Liam that I'm waiting to go see Simon he reminds me that that's his manager. Which in-fact made me stress a bit, and I think Liam was stressing out too. I mean maybe he found out about us but if he had wouldn't Liam have been called too?

Then a lady walked out looking very posh and buisnessy. Wait is that even a word? Well it is now anyways. Hold on guys I need to go reprint some dictionaries. 

"Ariana Williams," she called out. So nervously I stood up.

"Right this way Ariana," she pointed to a door which she slowly opened for me. When I looked inside I noticed Simon Cowell sitting with Harry Styles, which was one of Liam's band mates. I was so confuesed. Why was he there? I looked again and noticed my manager Claire was also sitting in the room. What the fuck was happening?

"Hi Ariana, take a seat," he welcomed me. The only vacant seat was inbetween Claire and Harry. Why they weren't sitting next to each other, well I had no idea. It just seemed really strange.

"Okay well you're probably wondering why I called you in today," Simon said to Harry and I, followed by us replying by nodding our heads. 

"Claire and I have been talking and since you're both single we thought this wouldn't be a problem," he stated. Wait what, did I hear that last part right? What the fuck is this guy getting at I'm not single... wait I can't say anything. Like any of them would believe me if I said anything. What the fuck is he going with this anyway.

"We've decided your going to date," I heard Claire say.

"Wait what!" I yelled.

"She said we're going to date," Harry said with a cheeky smile.

Oh fuck... what have I gotten myself into.

Before I could say anything else I ran out of the room in tears hoping no one would follow me. Kayleigh dropped me off and was still waiting for me to finish, then I jumped into the car.

"Oh my god, what happened? Are you okay?" Kayleigh asked sympathetically. 

"Just fucking drive!" I yelled, and with that she sped off, and I decided I shouldn't look back.

"So what happened hun?" Kayleigh questioned.

"Simon and Claire are forcing me and Harry, yes Harry as in Liam's band mate Harry into a relationship so I ran out the office and thats why we drove off quickly." I explained. I wasn't really sure how else to explain it so I just said the key things I guess. 

"Oh shit," was all she could say.

Then we just sat in silence.

Kayleigh broke the silence about five minutes later,"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know," I sobbed,"I guess I have to date Harry."

"But what about Liam?" she questioned. 

"Um I don't know," I sighed.

"Well Ari, looks like you're gonna have to get your shit together babe," she responded.

"Nah fucking shit," I snapped jokingly. 

"Calm your tits," she retaliated.

"At least I've got some," I bickered.

Then we just laughed. It's all we ever did when we fought. I guess thats how we knew that we were best friends. And I was lucky to have such an amazing best friend like my Kayleigh.

"Ari I got something to tell you!" Kayleigh said with her face lighting up like a little kid on Christmas morning.

"Spit it out then..." I sighed.

"ZAYN ASKED ME OUT!" she screamed with excitement. 

"Oh my god are you serious! That is so cute. I'm so happy for you gorgeous!" I responded with a smile. But inside I wasn't smiling; inside I had that bitchy jealous feeling that made me feel sick. And I hate bitchiness, so that’s why I felt so sick. You see I was bullied when I used to live in Hawaii and I just hate being mean to people because I know how much those bitches hurt me. They are the reasons I have bulimia. They bullied me and made me feel so bad that I started to put my finger down my throat to make myself to throw up so I could be perfect. But to everyone who is reading this, please do not start this! It develops into an addiction and it can kill you. Anyways I was diagnosed when I was moved back to Perth and now I don’t know why I keep thinking about this anyway. I was jealous because well I knew that Zayn and Kayleigh would be able to go public and I’d have to go public with Harry and not my amazing Liam. 

“Are you okay babe? You don’t seem very excited about my news?” she questioned.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” I lied. Then we arrived to our apartment block, I raced in the door and sprinted up the stairs, placed the key in the hole, turned it, turned the knob and raced in the door to my room.

“Babe, we were followed…” Kayleigh yelled while starring out the window,” Harry just pulled in.” 

“Oh fuck,” I yelled. 

“SHIT!” Kayleigh screamed.

“What now!” I proclaimed.

“Zayn’s here too!” she started to stress.

“Why is he here?” I questioned.

“Shit his picking me up for our date, I forgot about that,” she panicked.


With that she ran and then there was a knock at the door. I didn’t know if it was Harry or Zayn so I opened it, to find Harry standing there.

“Um come in,” I welcomed. It wasn’t a very warm welcome. Actually it wasn’t a warm welcome at all and I kind of felt terrible. 

“I’m really sorry about before,” I apologised. 

“It’s fine seriously. It was a shock to me too. Remember you aren’t the only one who got forced into a relationship,” Harry replied.

“Yeah I know. I must seem like a selfish bitch to you but honestly I’m not and I’m so sorry for before. How could I make it up to you?” I asked.

“You could start with this?” he winked and then our lips smashed together. Then all of a sudden I heard something. 

“What the fuck?!?!” I heard someone yell. Harry and I quickly broke apart. It was Zayn. Oh shit…

“Zayn, what the fuck are you doing here?” Harry asked sounding pissed off.

“I could ask you the same question I mean she’s your best mat,” I was signalling him to shut up.

“Ariana can I talk to you for a minute, alone,” Zayn asked.

“Wait I’m missing something here… how do you two know each other?” Harry questioned.

“His dating my best friend and room mate, Kayleigh who is getting ready at the moment for their date,” I said.

“Well I’m dating Ariana,” Harry stated.

“I noticed when I walked in the door,” Zayn sighed,” Anyway. Ariana, Kitchen. Now!”

With that I walked to the kitchen and left Harry looking very confused.

“Who the fuck are you trying to fool Ari!” Zayn snickered in a quiet voice so Harry wouldn’t hear.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I muttered.

“So I didn’t just walk in here seeing you and one of my best mates with your tongues down each others throats when you’re supposed to be dating one of my other best mates. Does Liam mean nothing to you? Because you sure mean a hell of a lot too him,” Zayn whispered,

“Liam means the world to me and I love him so much. But Simon called me into his office today. I thought he found out about Liam and I but it turns out he is forcing me and Harry into a relationship. Does that explain enough to you?” I sighed.

“Oh shit… what’s going to happen with Liam?” Zayn questioned.

“I don’t know,” I sighed.
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