Baby They Don't Know About Us - A 1D Fanfic

One Direction Fanfiction

"Baby, They Don't Know About Us" is a fan-fiction of a relationship between Liam Payne and a model called Ariana. But what will happen when Ariana is forced into a relationship with Harry Styles, when no one know's that Liam and her are dating. Time will only tell until this love triangle is revealed.

Please note I also have this story on so if you see it on there by someone called ayms_1d it is me!!!!


2. Diary Entry: 26th of January 2013

26th January 2013

Dear Diary

Well I don't even know why I'm doing this... wait it's because my beautiful girlfriend started writing a diary and she thought I should too. I think it's pretty lame but anything to keep my Ari happy. 

She told me to start off with somethings about myself so here I go...

- My name is Liam James Payne

- I was born in Wolverhampton, England

- I have two sisters older sisters Nicola and Ruth

- My parents are Geoff and Karen

- My birthday is the 29th of August 1993

- I'm nineteen

- One of my kidneys didn't use to function properly and I never thought it would until last year when a miracle occurred. It worked again.

- Because of my kidney situation, as a child I used to have 32 injections in my arm in the morning and in the evening to make me feel better

- I used to box

- I used to run and I was on the reserve list for the 2012 London Olympics 

- I auditioned for X-Factor in 2008 but didn't get through so I tried again in 2010 and got put into a boyband "One Direction." Me and the boys are like brothers now and I couldn't imagine life with out them now. It was so weird because we like bonded so quickly and it feels like I've known them forever.

- I'm dating a beautiful model called Ariana and she's amazing! We've been dating for almost four weeks now but we haven't made anything official and only her best-friend Kayleigh and one of my bandmates Zayn know. Out of everyone in the band I'd say I'm the closest to Zayn and he has a little high school crush on Kayleigh so his happy to help me cover and join me when going to visit Ariana. I don't exactly know when she's going to meet the boys but I hope its soon! Then soon after that we'll make it official to the public. Which I'm looking forward too in a way so we don't have to keep sneaking around. Ariana makes me feel so happy and after breaking up with my ex-girlfriend Danielle after two years I've been pretty down so I'm so glad I have Ari. 

Alright well I think that's enough about me right? 

Today Zayn and I went to Ariana and Kayleigh's apartment to spend the day with them. It's Australia Day today and their both from Australia and they get home sick. So Zayn and I thought we'd surprise them with an Australia themed day! Since Zayn likes Kayleigh it was easy to get him onboard to help me research some things about Australia that we could incorporate into today.

We decided on watching a couple Australian films. We chose Australia and the Sapphires and they were quite happy with our choices. Then Zayn and I decided to make a pavalova which is an Australia dessert. It's kind of like a meringue but its got the texture of a marshmallow inside, then you put cream and fruit on top. We weren't exactly sure when we knew it was ready because it's not like we'd ever eaten or even seen one before but the girls were impressed. They're both supposed to eat healthy since they're models but I've learnt that these girls don't really care and eat anything they just burn it off at the gym which I learnt she goes to a lot. Then some how we managed to find two kangaroo teddies that we gave them to remind them of home. Which they also loved. 

While watching movies, Ariana and I were snuggled up on the couch, we made out a lot and got a few glances of Zayn and Kayleigh flirting. Zayn needs to just ask her out already I think! It's so obvious that they both have feelings towards one another plus Ariana told me that Kayleigh likes Zayn and Zayn told me he likes Kayleigh. So it just works!

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