Underneath 2

Underneath 2 is the sequel to the story Underneath. If you haven't read Underneath yet go to my profile and read it before reading Underneath 2.

After going through a lot of struggle, confused minds and a twisted kind of love the famous singer Niall and the famous actor Athelia have finally found each other. But just as quick as the fairytale begins, the fairytale ends. Athelia's health aren't as healthy as they thought. After being told she only have one year left, the couple is forced to go through a year knowing it will be their ast. And it won't be without both fear and tears. How are you supposed to just live your life when someone suddently puts an expiration date on it? Who will stay strong and who won't? It's called through sickness and health, isn't it?


3. You can't escape your future

Niall's P.O.V


It was dark when I slammed the door to the taxi rushing inside the bulding of our appartment.  Very dark. A black cover had fallen over London while I had been performing. Though it was dark and almost midnight, you couldn't say the same about London. London was still very much alive. Thousands of people were still roaming down the streets, lots of buldings still had the lights turned on and it didn't seem like anyone was going to sleep any soon. Lots of the lights were still on in the windows in our bulding too. I looked at the five windows which belonged to our appartment. Dark and with the curtains closed. As always these days. She got tired so easily because of her sickness. It took her energy and strenght away. It didn't use to be like this. Before her sickness she used to sit up as long as she had to until I got home on those nights I had concerts or anything like that. She used to sit there on the couch with a cup of tea maybe and a book in her hands if she wasn't watching tv. Sometimes she even sat there listening to music. Then we used to snuggle up under a blanket on the couch and just lie there and talk about our day. That had been one of the best things in my life. When you had been apart allday just lying there talking was literally one of the best things I could possibly think of. Now things were different.

I carefully locked myself inside and did my very best not to wake her up. Quietly I took of my coat and closed the door. The appartment was dark and silent as it was every night. I always got worried even though it was like this every night. The darkness and the silence just made it seem like there was no life. I always feared that something had happened to her while I hadn' been there to take care of her.


Athelia's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of footsteps in the livingroom. I took a deep and exhausted breath as I turned around to check the clock. Two minutes past midnight.

I heard the sound of him turning on the lights in the bathroom and then the sound of him brushing his teeth.

I pulled myself up in a sitting position even though all I really wanted to do was to go back to sleep. I just felt a bit sorry for him coming home everynight to a sleeping person and a dark appartment. I leaned up against the wall behind me and reached out for the glass of water standing on my nightstand. The cold liquid streaming down my throat made me feel a bit more fresh.

I heard him turning off the lights in the bathroom and then the doorknob got pressed down. I could hear him breathing slowly, trying not to wake me.

"Hi", I whispered as I turned on my bedlamp. He turned around looking suprised at me.

"You're still awake?", he said in a suprised but some way happy tone.

"I just woke up", I slightly smiled as he took of his shoes and pants.

"Oh, did I wake you baby?", he said like he was quilty. I shook my head and pulled my cover up under my chin.

Niall pulled of his t-shirt and then he slipped down under his blanket beside me. I looked at him studying his tired eyes. His blue deep eyes who used to be so full of life and so full of hapiness. Now they were full of a hidden misery.

"Was the show good?", I then asked. Niall breathed out in a tired way.

"Yeah, was great", he smiled. "What have you been doing?".

I wanted to tell him, but I just couldn't make myself do it. I couldn't make him worried. He would be so unhappy if he knew how much time I had been spenting on shopping lately. He knew me so well, which meant he knew exactly what it meant when I shopped this much. He knew it was an unintentional sign from me that I was feeling unhappy. And it would break his heart to know I was feeling unhappy.

I cleared my throat. "Studying", I lied.

Niall layed down on his pillow and then turned his face to look at me. "You're getting quite clever aren't you?", he smiled and kissed my nose.

"Ha, I hate studying at the univeristy. Remember that wierd mud-girl I told you about? I swear I saw her eating her eraser in a lecture the other day!", I said with a hidden laugh. Niall broke out in a smile.

"Arre you serious? Eating eraser.. that's a bit of a special foodhabit!", he laughed.

"You don't say..", I laughed.

"Once you know... when I was child I liked to eat crackers... and nothing else. I'm not kidding, I ate crackers and nothing else for a more than 2 months!".

"That's impossible!", I exclaimed raising my eyebrows with a laugh. "You can't live on crackers for 2 months Niall..".

"Really...it's true!", Niall laughed. "In the end my mum didn't know what to do with me! Haha, she even took me to the healthcare to ask for advise".

I laughed as he strugged his shoulders. "But then you learned to eat different kind of food, and then you sure didn't hold back!".

Niall shook his head with a laugh. "I had 2 months to obtain, no wonder I had to eat this much", he laughed.

I just laughed at him. These five minutes of talking with him had suddently brightened my mood a bit. Only him could make me smile so easily.

Suddently he became quiet. Not in a sad way, but in a thinking way. He looked me deep into my eyes and breathed out in a satisfied kind of way.

"What?", I whispered as I turned my body to lie on my sides so I could look into his eyes too.

"Nothing..", he mumbled as his lips curved into a smile. "It's just...I've missed this".

"What?", I asked once again.

"This...us...talking and laughing...like we used to", he explained and I realised what he meant. He bite his lips as he studied my face.

"So have I..", I slowly whispered moving a bit closer to him. He leaned in to kiss my lips carefully while running his hands up and down my back.

He pulled a bit away, still only with his lips less than 1 inch away from my lips. I turned around and he wrapped his warm arms around my body. I pressed my head back into his chest and closed my eyes.

"I love you. Very much", he whispered into my ear while tightening his grib around me.

"I love you too", I chuckled with a sleepy voice.

I could feel his hot breath against my hair as we laied in silence with our bodies pressed close against each other. Moments like these were the ones I felt the most safe. Always with him. In his arms. Protecting me from every single thing that could possibly hurt me out in the big world.

"Niall..", I whispered to him.

"Yes?", his raspy voice sounded. He was almost asleep. I could hear by his voice.

"I'm...... I'm scared", I said feeling my lips starting to tremple.

He was quiet for a second. Even his hot breath against my neckskin stopped. He didn't know what to say, it was obvious.

"Please....don't be", he just whispered and kissed my hair softly. "I'll always be with you. No matter what".

Her knew it wasn't true. He knew he wouldn't be. He knew that someday soon we wouldn't be able to hold each other like this anymore. Someday out in the near future we would be forced to go each our way. Then he wouldn't be there to protect me anymore and I wouldn't be able to protect him either. No matter how much we wanted it not to happen, we could never escape our future. My future. And that was what made me so terrified.

We could never escape the fact that I was going to die.








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