Underneath 2

Underneath 2 is the sequel to the story Underneath. If you haven't read Underneath yet go to my profile and read it before reading Underneath 2.

After going through a lot of struggle, confused minds and a twisted kind of love the famous singer Niall and the famous actor Athelia have finally found each other. But just as quick as the fairytale begins, the fairytale ends. Athelia's health aren't as healthy as they thought. After being told she only have one year left, the couple is forced to go through a year knowing it will be their ast. And it won't be without both fear and tears. How are you supposed to just live your life when someone suddently puts an expiration date on it? Who will stay strong and who won't? It's called through sickness and health, isn't it?


2. We haven't changed, have we?

Niall's  P.O.V

"Good evening Manchester!!! How are ya'll feeling tonight?!", Harry shouted through his microphone making the crowd go even louder. The spotlight lightned up the stage with a pink kind of color.

I moistened my dry lips and cleared my throat as I took some steps forward.

"Well, you might know the first song it's quite old...and it's called...." Louis then took over. Some screaming and shouting which was unable to tell what meant sounded from the crowd.

The music in the background started playing the melody to the song I must have heard and played like a million times. It was four years old, yet we still played it at every concert. I closed my eyes for some short seconds as I did every night on stage. Every night I closed my eyes to get focus away from every worry that hunted my mind. I let my eyelids slide down for a short moment to tell myself everything was going to be alright. To forget all about reality and live in the moment. To focus on the music. To make the concerns and unhappiness disappear just for this short moment so I could get through the night and get to do what I had always loved.

"What makes you beatifuuuuuul", Harry shouted as the crowd went crazy. And then Liam started singing the first part as he always did.

Even though I managed to perform every night the thoughts of her never left my mind. Never. In the back of my mind the thought of her was always there. Where ever I went, what ever I was doing that though was always painfully hunting my mind. Making every second of my life a living nightmare.

Athelia's P.O.V

I plugged my key into the keyhole and made my way inside the empty and silent appartment. I struggled not to drop all my shoppingbags in the hallway as my hands were full of expensive clothes in beautiful bags. I managed to drag them with me to the bedroom where I sat them all on the big bed with the cream-coloured bed linens and big soft pillows in a bit darker colour. I slowly sat down at the bed as I took a deep breath looking around me. The floor-long cream-cloured curtins were pulled to the side so the evening sun was shining through the window slightly lightening the big room up. In the end of the room the door to my huge walk-in closet was wide open giving you a sneak-peak of all my fancy clothes. And on the bed next to me was a bunch of new supplies to my wardrobe.

The last weeks I had been shopping a lot. So much I almost shopped as much as I had once shopped. For about 2 years ago. Back then I had shopped like crazy too. Almost everyday. But after meeting Niall it was like I didn't need to shop anymore. I didn't feel the need to shop as I used to feel. But these past weeks had made that urge to shop come back. And even though it had brightened up my otherwise bad mood today, it still made me a bit nervous. I did not like to go back there. I felt much more happy not shopping, just living of love. But in someway that love hadn't been enough for me these past weeks. And that was what hurt me. How could I feel like it was not enough?

I leaned back in the bed starring at my wardrobe as I slowly went back a year to the day we had moved in.


Listen to Irresistable by one direction while reading :)


"Hey, no looking!", Niall said with a smile as he saw me lifting my fingers from my eyes.

"No, no ofcourse not. I'll keep my eyes shoot", I giggled as he took my hand to led me inside. The smell of fresh painting surounded us. We had been spending the last weeks in the appartment painting and fooling around making it ready for us to move in. It had been such good fun, and now the time to move in had finally arrived.

I could hear the sound of him opening a door and we stepped into a room. Not sue which room though.

"Okayy..", he said. "You may now look".

I removed my hands from my eyes and saw we were standing in the empty bedroom surounded by white bare walls and a  few empty cans of paint.  Nothing special to see.

"Yess...", I mumbled looking confused around in the room.

"You don't see anything remarkable?", he asked secretly. You could tell he was excited to reveal his suprise.

" Ehh...", I mumbled as suddently something caught my eye. In the end of the room a white door had appeared. I was almost sure there didn't use to be a door there.

"That's a new door, isn't it?", I asked with a small smile.

Niall's lips curved into a wide smile and he strugged his shoulders. "I don't know, go take a look".

I almost ran down to the door and pressed the doorhandle down full of excitement. I turned around to look at him. There he stood with his hands down his pockets looking so cute. He smiled back at me and gave me a sign to go in.

I opened up the door and turned on the lights in the seiling. My eyes went wide open. It was all so beautiful. A cream-coloured wallpaper with cute small pink and turquoise small flowers decorated the walls. Along the walls a big white and door-free closet was with silver clothes rails in it looking so beatiful. In the end of the room there was a big shelf from the ground to the seiling probably to put shoes and bags on. On the shelfs in the back of the room a grey and silver box was as the only thing in the room. I turned around looking up and down him. He was now standing in the doorway.

"It's....amazing..."I mumbled. "All this....did you do this just for me?" I asked fighting to hold the happy tears back. It was all so sweet. A real walk-in closet. So magical. And he had made it so tastefull.

"I love you", he said and stepped towards me. "I'd do anything to make you happy. Do you like it?", he smiled putting an arm around me.

"I.....I love it. It's so beautiful. I really cannot thank you enough".

He laughed at me. "Now there's still one thing left, go open the box".

I couldn't help but smile. This was one of the many things I loved about him. He knew exactly how to suprise me and make me happy.

I walked down to the box and took it in my hands. I held it tight and read the words. Hermes. I then slightly opened up the box reaviling a pair of shoes. Black and light blue high heels. Perfect for me. They were lovely.

"I thought I had to give you some sort of thing to put in here, no all your clothes is still in the old appartment".

I looked up at him. "You're amazing, you know that? And you've got quite good taste of a man".

 I took them out of the box, and carefully placed them on the shelf. " They look so pretty on there. I love them. I love it all".

I turned around and he lifted me up in his arms. I swung my legs around his waist. My arms I put on his shoulder as I looked into his beatiful blue eyes.

"I cannot wait to start a new lfie here", I whispered.

"Me neither..", he smiled. We leaned our heads together and our lips slightly touched before we started kissing.




So many things had changed since that time.







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