Underneath 2

Underneath 2 is the sequel to the story Underneath. If you haven't read Underneath yet go to my profile and read it before reading Underneath 2.

After going through a lot of struggle, confused minds and a twisted kind of love the famous singer Niall and the famous actor Athelia have finally found each other. But just as quick as the fairytale begins, the fairytale ends. Athelia's health aren't as healthy as they thought. After being told she only have one year left, the couple is forced to go through a year knowing it will be their ast. And it won't be without both fear and tears. How are you supposed to just live your life when someone suddently puts an expiration date on it? Who will stay strong and who won't? It's called through sickness and health, isn't it?


4. The look


Athelia's P.O.V



"Happy birthday dear Greg, happy birthdaaay to you!", we all sang along while Mara carried the big birthday cake through the dining room. Greg's smile widened as he got his eyes on the cake with the many green and pink candles and the many layers of cream and chocolate. The candles lightened up Mara's face in a beautiful colour and as she sat it down at the table it lightened up the whole table.

Outside the windows the sky had gone black and you could slightly hear the sound of the tree's whisper. We sat around the wooden table smiling so wide as the song echoed in the entire house. The small dining-room was filled with Niall's nearest family, which included his brother Greg, his mum Mara, his stepdad, his two cousins Jeffrey and Mike and his grandparents.

"Concratiolations you old man!", Niall's cousin Jeffrey smiled as he friendly papped Greg on the shoulder. Greg smiled and looked up at Mara.

"That is one hell of a cake mam!", he said thanking her.

I could feel Niall putting his arm around my shoulders pressing me closer to him, as we sat on each our chair pressed close to each other.

"Concratiolations", I smiled at Greg who was almost to busy to hear because of the big cake right in front of him.

"Thankyou", he smiled. "Now, lets cut this big fella shall we?", he suggested as grabbed the glistening knife. We all couldn't help but laugh.

Niall's P.O.V

"Get home well sweetheart", my mm told me as she kissed my cheek for the third time that minute. "Drive safely, okay?".

"I will", I smiled as I leaned in to hug Jeffrey and then Mike.

"It was so good to see you all. Have a lovely day tomorrow Greg, happy birthday once again!", Athelia smiled as she hugged Greg. Her hair was hanging loose around her face making slight shadows fall across cheeks and forehead. She was wearing a beautiful dark blue shirt and some tight leather pants. She looked extremely amazing, and once again I couldn't help but wonder how I ever got this lucky.

"So good to see you too my dear", my mum said as she kissed Athelia's cheek with a glance of sadness in her eyes. The kind of petty- sadness I knew exactly what was for.

"I'll just go out and start up the car", Athelia whispered to me as she waved at everyone while she walked down the driveway slowly disappearing in the dark.

As we could hear the sound of the car starting, the boys disappeared from the doorframe only leaving my mother still standing there. She looked at me with that petty-look I just couldn't stand

She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. It was obvious she had a hard time saying what she was about to say.

"How...how is everything with..", she said almost in a whisper while looking at me with her big puppy eyes that were full of petty.

"Mum, please stop giving me that petty-look", I cut her off. She looked to the ground for a short second while she moistened her red lips. Her eyes were starting to get glossy like she was on the edge of crying. Just like she was every time she saw Athelia and me. Whenever she looked at us she just couldn't help but think about it. And even though I knew she only cared like this out of love, I couldn't stop getting annoyed at her. She had to stay strong for Athelia. I knew how Athelia hated that petty-look she got from people too.

"I'm not...Niall..", my mum sighed in a shaky tone sounding very unsure about what she should say. Then it seemed like she suddenly pulled herself together and she forced herself to look me in the eyes.  "I just want to know if there's any news?".

"No, mum. We've tried everything, you know that...".

"But...", she whispered.

"If you want to make her feel better you should stop giving her that look of sadness. She notices trust me, and it bothers' her. Treat her like you used to okay? It's better that way".

My mum nodded slowly. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it..". Her gaze looked sad once again and her lip were nervously trembling.

"Mum", I smiled and leaned in to hug her. "I'll see you soon".






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