Daily Story Challenge-Month 8-Summer Fun?

This is my 8th movella in my daily challenge. If you read the notice on the previous movella, I'd like you to be patient with me. I've no idea if anyone's actually reading this, so I'll just say it anyway:
'Will this summer be full of fun or will something put a dampener on the summer sun?'


6. Day 5

(I've finally come to a decision about this story challenge. I'll write four entries every weekend. Then, when it reaches the end of August, I will continue to do so until I catch up and it's complete. I've been writing a lot of fanfiction on another site and it has a sister site for original fiction. I will probably be switching completely to that when the story challenge is finished. I loved writing here, but my head's been turned and I've kind of become...disconnected from this place.)


Gone is the freeze and the cries.

Gone is the snow and the sighs.

Gone is the heating bill that stretched your bank all the way.

Gone is the frostbite kill that tortured you all the day.

Gone are the shovels and boot-covered feet.

Here are the sun rays and people you want to meet.

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