Daily Story Challenge-Month 8-Summer Fun?

This is my 8th movella in my daily challenge. If you read the notice on the previous movella, I'd like you to be patient with me. I've no idea if anyone's actually reading this, so I'll just say it anyway:
'Will this summer be full of fun or will something put a dampener on the summer sun?'


30. Day 29

Anna took a shaky step forward. The blazing heat of the beach above was diluted and transformed into glimmering light so far beneath the waves. Coral twisted and curled all around her, shoals of fish weaving in and out of the intricate designs it created about the slick rocks. She breathed in deeply. That was something she'd have to get used to - breathing water.

And not the only thing, she remarked internally. You know what they say... One door closes and another opens. I guess I opened the pool door this time.

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