Daily Story Challenge-Month 8-Summer Fun?

This is my 8th movella in my daily challenge. If you read the notice on the previous movella, I'd like you to be patient with me. I've no idea if anyone's actually reading this, so I'll just say it anyway:
'Will this summer be full of fun or will something put a dampener on the summer sun?'


15. Day 14

(This another part to the storyline started on Day 3.)


Sharp teeth nipped at her ankles, glimmering in the piercing sunlight. The wound she could barely see had turned into a slit in his skin that was inches long - and that's when the incessant stinging broke through her train of thought. It sent an electric shot up her red-raw limb, sending vibrations throughout her body. She thrashed in the water but her attempts at escape were feeble and futile. Gradually, the waves swallowed her whole...


(I'm not done yet...)

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