Daily Story Challenge-Month 8-Summer Fun?

This is my 8th movella in my daily challenge. If you read the notice on the previous movella, I'd like you to be patient with me. I've no idea if anyone's actually reading this, so I'll just say it anyway:
'Will this summer be full of fun or will something put a dampener on the summer sun?'


12. Day 11

Flip flops were officially the most annoying item of clothing. Or rather, they were as far as Clyde was concerned. Looking at his watch, he sighed.

"Midday already?" he grumbled. "Spending the day in a room full of flip flops wasn't my idea of fun, but I'll take whatever I get."

The shoes were piled high in every available space of the room and they left little room for occupants. Bright colours jumped out at him, proclaiming their presence with the buzz of a headache, and a scowl formed on his lips. Forget fun flip flops. This was more like torture by toes.

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