Daily Story Challenge-Month 8-Summer Fun?

This is my 8th movella in my daily challenge. If you read the notice on the previous movella, I'd like you to be patient with me. I've no idea if anyone's actually reading this, so I'll just say it anyway:
'Will this summer be full of fun or will something put a dampener on the summer sun?'


11. Day 10

Water zipped by either side of the boat, nipping at the structure. Sun blared down onto the metal and white surfaces. A figure emerged to the sailor's right. Two figures, to be precise, that clung tightly to each other as they navigated the tumultuous waves. The old seafarer sighed at the sight.

So many memories, his mind reminisced. Flashes of remembrance rose to the fore of his mind as he listened to the woman's giggles. Spray (from the waves) had leapt up and over his head, flattening his hairstyle in the process. He reached to his own, greying locks. Pulling down the cap that sat atop them, he smiled. The waves would always unite people, even after he was gone.

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