Empty: A short story

When Lola is left in the house on her own for a week, she discovers secrets she never knew existed.


1. Alone

          Mum and her new boyfriend had gone of to France for a week, so that meant I was left alone in the house. Mum has left me loads of food and stuff, but I feel so alone, like she didn't want me to come with them because I was a pain, and not because we didn't have enough money, like she said. 

          I wanted to go and stay with my cousin and my Auntie Elizabeth, but Mum said Auntie E would give her a hard time if she knew that Mum and her Boyfriend Dan were leaving me to go off to France together. Good. I don't want to be alone in this creepy house. At the moment Mum and I are staying in Dan's house, which is a crummy two-up two-down house in the middle of a seemingly abandoned street. I get so scared walking to school (thank God I didn't change schools) because there are so many gangs around here.

          So right now I am the living room, which is currently doubling up as my bedroom, because there is only one other, and that's Dan and Mum's. I am going to get some pizza.

           I am waiting for a phone call from Mum. She said that she would call every night but I don't think she will. The phone is ringing. That will be her. "Hi Mum." I say

"Hi darling" she shouts excitedly down the phone. " How are you?"

" I'm fine Mum"  

"Good. Okay, I've got to go, this is eating up all my credit."

"Okay, bye"

"Okay bye lo-"

I cut her off before she can finish. So no she cares more about her phone credit than her daughter that she has left alone in her boyfriends house. I'll be lucky if we don't get robbed. It's already happened twice since we moved here six months ago. I decided not to go to school, when I get back I'll just say I was ill. 

       I just found a door. It's really old and hidden behind a curtain. I give it push and it creaks open, reveling a dark room, covered in cobwebs. I flick the switch and the light buzzes on. It flickers, and I can see the whole room. The walls are covered in old paintings and the floor with bugs. But everywhere else, gold, gold bars, chains, cups you name it. It looks like Smaug's treasure from the hobbit. Does Dan know about this? 

       I can't wait for them to come home.

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