It happens (Harry styles fan fiction)

Breanna forgot everything that happened when she got in a car crash. When her neighbor and best friend Louis Tomlinson introduces her to a old fling, that Breanna does not like but she doesn't know it yet. Of course, no one tells her anything. She has dreams about her past to help her regain her memory but maybe the past was to hard to remember. With love, hate, drama and romance this might be the worst thing or the best thing that ever happened in Breanna's life.
To Many Secrets! but it happens right?
Staring: Harry styles as himself
One direction as one direction
Ashley Benson as Breanna
Ashley Tisdale as Kassidy


3. The nightmare

Chapter 3:

Breannas pov:

"Oh my gosh, you didn't!" I laughed, as my good friend Xochi explained how she convinced a lady to sell her a dress that was $200 for $130. I pulled out my phone to see 8 new texts from my mom and 1 from Kassidy, I ignored them all. My mom and I had just got into a fight so I got Xochi to pick me up and take me somewhere fun.

"Your mom again?" Xochi asked with a sigh. "Yep." I answered turning off my phone, "whatever. Where we going?" I asked seeing nothing familiar in sight. "Don't worry we're going somewhere fun." She smiled and looked over at me than at the road again.

We went to her boyfriends house for 5 hours. He was in college, drinking and having lots of party's, also 3 years older. I watched what I drank but Xochi didn't. "I swear I just saw a flying pig!" Xochi yelled pointing at the roof and none stop laughing. She hung on me as I dragged her to the car putting her in the passenger seat.

The road was winding and out of no where a bunny hopped in the middle of the road I swerved to avoid the bunny that was not moving. The car flipped, a rush of pain hit as all I saw was my friend covered in her own blood, lying there dead. 


I shot up, sweat dripping all over my body, breathing heavily. I started to cry silently. "Are you OK?" Kassidy sleepily sat up, "your crying! Why? What happened?" She pulled me into a tight hug.

Kassidys pov:

I woke up to see Breanna crying, "your crying! why?" I might have had a clue but I wasn't really sure, "what happened?" I asked pulling her into a big huge. She tried to pull her self together to tell me what she just experienced.  

" I had a nightmare." She went on, a couple minutes later, " I saw her next to me covered in blood, she looked pretty dead to me than I guess I blacked out or something because I can't remember anything else that happened." She finished almost in sobs. "It's okay." I ensured her. I looked over at the clock it read **3:00am*** "Try to sleep a little longer. Remember I'm here for you." I said drifting off to sleep.

We woke up about 9:30 and ate breakfast with her mom. There was a sudden knock on the door and her mom went and answered it. "Oh hi boys please come in." Breanna and i heard Ms. Elliott say as 5 boys ran and jumped on the couch.

Breannas pov:

4 random boys just jumped on my couch. I met Louis yesterday so he wasn't just a random person like the rest of the boys were to me. Maybe I knew all of them just I couldn't remember. "Oh boys." My mom said laughing walking into the kitchen making 5 plates for the boys that were still on the couch. "May I ask, not to be rude, who are you guys?" I asked. Louis laughed, They all stood up and introduced them self's. Niall was the Irish one out of the group, zayn was the quite one, Liam was the good and responsible "sometimes" in the group, Louis, who I had met yesterday, was the funny one, but than there was Harry, curly brown hair and sparkling green eyes. I didn't know what it was but something kept pulling me towards him.

The boys stuffing there mouths, "so are we going to hang out?" I asked, they just nodded.


Hey guys what did you think of chapter 3! I hope you liked it.

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