It happens (Harry styles fan fiction)

Breanna forgot everything that happened when she got in a car crash. When her neighbor and best friend Louis Tomlinson introduces her to a old fling, that Breanna does not like but she doesn't know it yet. Of course, no one tells her anything. She has dreams about her past to help her regain her memory but maybe the past was to hard to remember. With love, hate, drama and romance this might be the worst thing or the best thing that ever happened in Breanna's life.
To Many Secrets! but it happens right?
Staring: Harry styles as himself
One direction as one direction
Ashley Benson as Breanna
Ashley Tisdale as Kassidy


5. The heart attack

Chapter 5:

Breannas pov:

"Hello." I heard kassidy talk. I moaned. "Who is it?" I slightly whispered still 98% asleep. I heard muffling but fell back a sleep.

"Hey." I sat up and stretched. "Good morning." Kassidy said repeating what I did. "What time is it?" I asked getting out of my bed and walking over to my closet. "8:30" "agh!" I groaned grabbing red skinny jeans and a black crop top with a infinity sign in the middle and changing into them. Kass helped guiding me while I did my makeup and hair.

"Hey," my mom smiled handing kassidy and I a red cup that had huge white letters 'Starbucks' around it, "I'm going to take you to the Apple store to get you a iPhone. Kassidy you may join." "I'm sorry but when did apples have there own store." My mom and kassidy started dying with laughter. My mom finally obviously noticed my confused face and stopped laughing, noting my seriousness. "Oh honey it's a electrical store. It has phones, computers, TVs and lots more." I just nodded feeling stupid.

"Can I have the guys numbers?" I asked still dying about the joke we heard in the car. Now lying on my bed messing around with my new white iphone5. I got all the guys numbers and put them in my phone. Since I meet Louis first I decided to text him first.  

To:Louis Tomlinson- "Hey it's Breanna. I just got a new phone."  

'SENT' I saw with a single beep.  

"Oh my gosh I just sent my first text!" Kass and i both started freaking out shortly with a mix of laughter. I heard my phone beep a couple times,  

From:Louis Tomlinson- "Hey:) want to hang? I could invite Harry, if you would like." 

To:Louis Tomlinson- "Later tonight scary movie night at my place? Bring the guys." 'SENT' and I heard the loud beep.


The loud booming over the speakers played 'We are never ever ever getting back together by Taylor swift' I listened to the song for a while and I heard other songs by her and I decided she wasn't my favorite singer in the world but I still rocked out to the Rhythm. Kassidy and i had our brushes as microphones, singing loudly to the lyrics that played. I'm sure the neighbors a mile away could hear us but at the moment we didn't care. The crowd was screaming out our names and cheering us on as we sang a 'beautiful' duet to the song, while we continued to rock out to the song. We did our huge fanally and ended with a pose. After, a eight second pause to catch our breath we started laughing falling on my bed. We were joined with a round of applause. We sat up straight to see 5 boys with huge smiles on there face.

Harry's pov:

Breanna's face turned redder than a tomato. I couldn't help but giggle a little. "You guys did great.." I said and winked at Bre. "Maybe we can do a seven person duet!" Louis said excitedly. "Come on let's watch a movie!" Niall whined impatiently. Kassidy smiled at Niall's deep Irish accent.

Everyone gathered in the home theater. "Hey Breanna would you help me get the snacks?" I asked even though I knew she would. We walked to the kitchen and started making popcorn, grabbing a whole bunch of candy, soda and what ever else was delicious and fatty. "Um I was wondering.." I hesitated running my hands through my dark brown curls before continuing, "if you would like to, umm, maybe get dinner with me sometime?" She looked up from the candy her eyes Wide. She than looked down again and blushed at her thinking about me asking her out. "Sure." she said. I smiled to my self and grabbed the popcorn out of the microwave and dumped it into a big bowel.

We returned to the theater with all the food and drinks. Zayn put in paranormal activity 1. I noticed Breanna getting a little scared by the movie and i put my arm around her which surprised her making her muscles tense up a little but relaxing after seeing it was just me.


"TURN THE LIGHTS ON!" Louis yelled. Kassidy hurried and turned the lights on. Popcorn was all over the floor from people jumping from the movie. I had to admit I was a little frightened my self. "next one!" Breanna said grabbing paranormal activity 2. I hurried and took it from her hands "um I don't think we will be needing this tonight." I said as I put the disc back in the case. "Awe someone afraid?" She said in a baby voice. "No." I said confident even though I was shaking on the inside. "But I am so no more!" Liam yelled. Breanna just rolled her eyes than laughed as she started cleaning up the room, we utterly trashed.

Everyone started to help. "Wait guys, shh did you hear that?" Kassidy asked. We heard a big bang. "I think it's coming from the kitchen" Louis said. Everyone grabbed a person to hold on to and also a quick weapon that would have to do. "wait here." I said in a low, shaky voice but it seemed confident. Of course no one listened and followed me to where I slowly and quietly walked to the kitchen.


Hey guys• sorry if this one wasn't my best I kind of had writers block. I hope you enjoyed it•

What do you think is going to happen?

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