It happens (Harry styles fan fiction)

Breanna forgot everything that happened when she got in a car crash. When her neighbor and best friend Louis Tomlinson introduces her to a old fling, that Breanna does not like but she doesn't know it yet. Of course, no one tells her anything. She has dreams about her past to help her regain her memory but maybe the past was to hard to remember. With love, hate, drama and romance this might be the worst thing or the best thing that ever happened in Breanna's life.
To Many Secrets! but it happens right?
Staring: Harry styles as himself
One direction as one direction
Ashley Benson as Breanna
Ashley Tisdale as Kassidy


8. He was just a cheater

Chapter 8: 


I don't know about this one! Please Like and let me know what you think thanks:) WARNING:  grammar mistakes ahead.  


Breanna's POV:

Harry and I have been dating for 2 weeks now. We still haven't had our first kiss but that's OK. Since I don't remember my first kiss I want my "first" to be special so I guess Harry's waiting for the right time. It just turned 12:00am and I was exhausted. Harry and i have been skypeing for over 2 hours. "Goodnight." "Goodnight,babe." Oh yeah Harry hasn't even said I love u yet ether! How lame? But what ever I know he likes me. I just wonder what's holding him back from saying it.


"I can't believe u! How could u do that?!" I yelled at Harry. "I'm just over us. I don't feel the spark anymore when I'm with u!" He yelled back. The words cut deep in my heart. How could he say that? I should have known though we've been dating for over 5 months and been best friends for over 2 years and he hasn't even tried to kiss me. That's because he was kissing someone else! "I don't care what you say anymore styles. I'm over u and I'm over us!"

Harry's POV in the dream:

"I don't care what you say anymore styles. I'm over u and I'm over us!" With that She ran up stares. Bre and I were in Hollywood CA for a little get away while her parents were finalizing the divorce. I felt like dirt her saying those words, it killed me on the inside. I sat down and put my face in my hands. I heard Bres footsteps lightly but hurrying down the stairs. She stopped for a couple seconds and walked out of the house,  we renteds, door. It was summer and it never rained in the sunny drought of la but today it was pouring. I loved Breanna, why did I cheat? I was being a stupid teen. I shouldn't have put Breanna in this position, I should have never done that. I freaking LOVED Breanna! I ruined everything. I should have kissed her I should have told her I loved her more often. She has been going through a lot and instead of being the good boyfriend and best friend I cheated on her with one of her best friends! I can't let her go, I have to get her back. I ran out side in the poring ran already socked but I didn't care I would ran as far as it took to get her back and tell her I loved her. Even if she doesn't except it or take me back I have to tell her how I feel. I saw a black figure and knew it was her I ran in the direction the figure was. I grabbed the figures arm and turned it around to see Breanna. She has been crying, "I know you hate me now and I know what I was doing was wrong. I'm so sorry." She didn't say anything so I continued, " I feel like a jack a** and I'm sorry. I never wanted to hurt you but I can see that's exactly what I did."

"Why did you do it?" She asked her tone low and soft/hurt I could barely hear her.

"I'm not sure. I was confused and Maren kept giving me drinks. I think I was a little drunk but than she kept calling me and I just gave in the temptation."

"MAREN?!" She yelled. I couldn't speak so I just nodded. "My best friend Maren?!" She asked and again I nodded. We were both drenched.

"How can I make this up to you?" I asked.

Breanna's POV in the dream:

"How can I make this up to you?" Harry asked. I could tell the hurt in his eyes. As much as I hated it I kept having the feeling I needed to forgive him. I looked up to see Harry's face so close to mine. He crashed his lips on mine and kissed me passionately. I couldn't help it, i kissed him back. Our lips felt like they were suppose to be together. I could fill him smile a little but than soften again. Rain still pouring but we didn't care. If we weren't in this huge fight this would be the most perfect first kiss. Check two things off my bucket list: 1)first kiss 2) kiss in the rain. But There we were in one of our biggest fights ever and we were kissing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain. We both finally pulled away, "do you forgive me?" Harry finally asked.

"Promise me you will NEVER do something like that again!" I sternly told him. He could see the regreat, pain, fiery in my eyes. He knew if he ever did what he did to me EVER again he would have to pay for it. I don't know why i forgave him so easily. My trust in him now broken, I lost a good friend, He totally dishonored me and yet i forgave that bastered. Can love really be that powerful? Something told me to forgive him. He learned his lesson.  

"I promise" than he dipped me and kissed me with more passion,more love. Every problem we ever had, little to big, went away. I felt good about us and i felt nothing could stop me, us, our relationship. I was proud to say i loved him even with all the hurt and betray i just felt. I wasn't embarrassed or shy to be called his girlfriend or call him my boyfriend in front of other people. Instead i was proud. I was In-love.



"Breanna wake up." I heard a person whisper in my ear. I shot up and bonked heads with them.

"Kassidy?" I questioned rubbing my forehead were we both hit.

"Hey. Sorry for waking u up but you looked like you were having a panic attack in your sleep, Are you OK?"  

"Yeah I'm fine. I just had a bad dream."  

"Oh do you want to talk about it?" 

"I had a dream Harry cheated on me." Kassidys face went pale, "yeah with a girl named Maren. Supposedly she was my best friend." 

"That's a pretty weird dream." Kassidy said and got off my bed and walked to my closet. "Let's do something!" Than walked back out with a pair of black leggings and a white long crop top that said 'love' with the infinity sign.


"HEY!!!" The boys yelled as they ran inside and jumped on my couch. Harry jumped next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.  


"We have amazing news!" Louis said excitedly.

"What is it?" I asked getting closer to Harry.

"We'll, were trying out for.." Zayn paused

"THE X-FACTOR!" Niall yelled.

Kassidy jumped in her seat! "Omgsh that's amazing!" She yelled. I just sat there

"Um," I was hesitant "that's great!" I said like I knew exactly what they were talking about.

"It's a singing computation" Harry whispered in my ear.I got really excited!

"I'm so excited for u guys." We all decided to go to the park. We stayed there for a hour. Niall asked Kassidy to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

______2 WEEKS LATER______

We walked up to a big building. There seemed like millions of people outside and I'm sure there were some hundred thousand people there. The boys were going to do separate auditions, they all bet money who was going to go the farthest in the competition. I put done money that they were going to be put in a group. Harry still hasn't kissed me. Well not on the lips anyhow. He's cheeky so after our amazing fun dates we go on he'll kiss me on the check. It's so weird, I just want him to do it already. Maybe I should kiss him first? I was pulled out of my thoughts when Harry's family and I were put in a room to watch Harry. We talked to the people so I could be in the room with the rest of the boys family's and so would the other guys when they were done with their audition.

Harry's mom hugged me "how are you sweetie?" She asked this was the "first" time I met her. Well at least that I can remember.

"Good thanks, Mrs.styles" I shook her hand

"oh gosh please call me Ann." I laughed

"OK will do, Ann" I winked. I felt like I already knew her, she seemed so conferable to be around... She was  so like  Harry. A stage guy came in the room and told us what was going to happen and that Harry will be on in a minute. I was so nerves, mostly for him. Everyone in the room was. The guys had there arms around me.

"And were back!" The announcer said all gitty and excited. "Next we have 16 year old Harry Styles." Harry than walked across the stage and stood in front of the judges. Simon looks surprised by Harry.

"What's your name?" Simon asked.

"Harry styles."

"Well than, Harry styles, how old are you?" The guy next to him asked.

"I'm 16" Harry looked nervous.

"Are you single?" A girl from the front row screamed and one of the judges, Nicole, asked "yes Mr. Styles are you single?"

"No mam. I actually brought my girlfriend here with me today." Everyone in the room looked at me and nudged me. the audience said awe. My checks turned bright red.

"Ok Mr. Styles what song will you sing for us?" Simon asked not amused. "Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder." Harry said, he looked super nerves and closed his eyes. "OK when ever your ready." Harry took a deep breath and started singing. He looked so calm.

Harry's Pov:

I bet I looked so calm but on the inside I was shaking. I kept thinking about Breanna how all we've been through I got a second chance so if that can happen I can make it on the show. I took a deep breath and started singing. 'Breanna' I thought 'do it for Breanna'

" Isn't she lovely, 

Isn't she wonderful, 

Isn't she precious, 

Less than one minute old, 

I never thought through love we'd be 

Making one as lovely as she 

But isn't she lovely made from love."

I stopped and breathed as I saw the crowd standing up and cheering. I couldn't see a lot of them because of the bright lights shining on my face. I breathed out and smiled. The judges had big smiles on there face but the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about Breanna. Did she like it? Did she think I did good? I messed up a Lot in our old relationship and I'm not going to start now.

Breanna's POV:

Harry did amazing. Iv never heard him sing like that. Maybe I have before I lost my memory. The judges started judging.  

Nicole: "I'm really glad we had the opportunity to hear your acapella. We could really hear how great your voice is. For a 16 year old you have a great voice. Your girlfriend is lucky." She winked at Harry.

Lou (the judge): I agree with Nicole, however I think your too young, I don't think you have enough experience or confidence yet. For the right reasons I'm going to say no."  


"Boo." Harry's deep British accent said. The crowd laughed and booed. "Boo is right! Harry did amazing and he isn't to young!" I said mad. His mom put her arms around me to calm me down.

Simon: someone in the audience just said rubbish and I totally agree with them." Harry's face light up and he smiled. I couldn't help but smile also, "the show was designed to find someone like you, whether your 16-17 it doesn't matter. With some vocal lessons you could actually be really good." Simon than turned his head to Louis, " I don't think the audience booed you loud enough." The whole room started laughing.

"Go Simon!" Louis (our friend) screamed.They all voted.

"Of course, YES!" Nicole said.

"I'm going to have to say no." Lou said.

"I think your perfect, YES! Your through!" Right when Simon said that everyone started screaming and jumping shortly Harry joined us. He ran up to me and picked me up and spun me around. Everyone was watching, and screaming, the camera practically in our faces. Harry and I didn't care. It was just Harry and I. Harry leaned in and I leaned in. "KISS!" Was the last thing I heard till everything seemed in place, perfect. This was meant to be. His lips on mine, us together, everything was perfect. He pulled away and than was jumped on with hugs and pat on the backs. I just laughed as the boys went crazy. I can't believe I had my "first" kiss watched by over 100,000 people. But I didn't care I was so happy all of the bad thoughts, dreams, nerves. Everything negative left. This was right.


Most of the x-factor stuff was true. I went on-line and found what they said and added some stuff. 

Let me know what you think! add to your reading list!! comment I want to know what you think and what I should add or should do better! So do it! I need someone good with spelling and grammar who could help me with that! anyone? let me know! XOX

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