It happens (Harry styles fan fiction)

Breanna forgot everything that happened when she got in a car crash. When her neighbor and best friend Louis Tomlinson introduces her to a old fling, that Breanna does not like but she doesn't know it yet. Of course, no one tells her anything. She has dreams about her past to help her regain her memory but maybe the past was to hard to remember. With love, hate, drama and romance this might be the worst thing or the best thing that ever happened in Breanna's life.
To Many Secrets! but it happens right?
Staring: Harry styles as himself
One direction as one direction
Ashley Benson as Breanna
Ashley Tisdale as Kassidy


9. Breanna's break down

Chapter 9:

The clattering of silverware, people talking, and laughter filled my ears. My printed short long dress matched my light purple nails. I followed the waitress to the long table in the middle of the room. Harry sat down next to me on my right and on the left was Niall. The waitress took our drinks and gave us time to look over the menu. 

"I'm so proud of you boys!" Louis mom perched for the 10th time tonight. All the boys said thanks and went back to their conversations they were having. I sat there awkwardly looking at the menu trying to find what i wanted. My head pounded and the world was spinning. I felt like i was going to puke. Thoughts were running and jumping all around my brain, which is probably why my head hurt. What if Harry doesn't make it all the way in the x-factor? What if Harry wins and forgets all about me? Does he even love me? When will my memory come back?! That was the biggest question, Will my memory come back? 

"Babe, you okay? Harry whispered in my ear. 

"Will you excuse me." With that i got up from the table and walked to the bathroom, trying not to fall. I leaned up against the sink, breathing heavily. Soon came in Kassidy. She looked as torn up as i did. 

"Are you okay?" Kassidy asked, barely a whisper. 

"I'm fine." She looked concerned. 

"Whats wrong?" She asked coming closer to me. 

"I don't want to be selfish but I'm really going to miss Harry when hes gone.What if he forgets about me?and leaves me for another, prettier girl. What if Harry doesn't make it? Hes going to be so heart broken. I WISH I COULD JUST REMEMBER!" I practically screamed the last part. 

"I know.. I  don't want Niall to leave ether. I mean we just started dating; i don't want to let him go quite yet." Kassidy took in a deep breath, "Everything will be okay. Your mom will set up a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and you can get a check up." She put her hand on my back to ensure me everything will be okay. I stood up and put on a (fake) smile. 

"Lets go." I said. I looked at my self one last time, hiding the worry that was just a couple seconds ago placed on my face. We both walked out together looking confident and beautiful. "Hey.." I said to Harry as i sat down. 

"I was just starting to worry. I was about to ask my mom to go check on you." He smiled. His green eyes sparkling in excitement and happiness. 



Harry walked me to my door and i looked through my clutch to find the key to my house. My mom was gone for a business trip and would be back later tomorrow evening. Once i found my key i looked up into Harry's green eyes. 

"Thank you for coming tonight. It has been the best night." He gently put his arms around my waist to bring me closer to his body. 

"Thanks for inviting me." I rapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tiptoes. Harry brought his face close to mine, our noses touching. "I'm so proud of you." I said breathlessly. Harry than passionately kissed me. Our mouths moving insink. I was pushed up against the door which made me able to kiss harder. My fingers playing with his soft, brown, curly hair. After a minute or so Harry finally pulled away leaving me breathless. 


"Goodnight." With that Harry walked over to his car, his mom was letting him borrow so he can take me home. I opened my house door and walked slowly to my room thinking about the events that happened tonight and what just happened. 


ah! I just love Barry.. yep that's their ship name. 

I NEED TO KNOW! What do you want me to add in this story?some more drama? More romance? Let me know in the comments!

Will update for two likes! 

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