Christmas & Cookies

After Ally broke up with Austin he was devastated but realized it was his fault for not spending enough time with her so he and Adam come up with a plan for Austin to get Ally back Sequel to Break ups & Back ups


3. Pushing & Pulling

(Adam walks into Ally's room) 

Adam: hey Als 

Ally: hey 

Adam: uh... Why is your pillow so wet? 

Ally: I was crying ever since I came up here 

Adam: but you got a lot a great stuff for Christmas 

Ally: I want Austin 

(Adam looks at the clock it says 5:51) 

(Trish walks in) 

Trish: Ally Adam can you guys come with me to sonic boom 

Ally: why

Trish: cause your present is there

Ally: ok fine 

Adam: lets go!

(him and Trish grab Ally's arms and pull her out of the room) 

(they approach sonic boom) 

Ally: slow down! 

Trish: you are gonna love this 

Ally: hopefully

(they walk through the door) 

Ally: Austin....

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