Christmas & Cookies

After Ally broke up with Austin he was devastated but realized it was his fault for not spending enough time with her so he and Adam come up with a plan for Austin to get Ally back Sequel to Break ups & Back ups


2. Jobs & Sobs

(Adam, Dez, and Trish walk in) 

Adam Trish Dez: guess who got a job at Santa's workshop 

Ally: you three in the same room 

Adam: it's not that bad except for me and Dez do all the work 

Trish: I don't want to touch those slobbery booger brats 

Adam: remember when that one called you a moose 

Trish: yeah then I told him I'm a rain deer

Dez: I'm an elf 

Adam: an I'm Santa 

Ally: I can see that but now I'm going up to the practice room to cry 

Adam: Ally c'mon I know things we'll get better 

Ally: well until they do I'm crying 

(Ally goes up to the practice room) 

Trish: how do you know things we'll get better? 

Adam: me and Austin came up with an awesome idea for him to get Ally back 

Trish: we can help 

Adam: awesome Dez you help Austin set up me and Trish we'll bring Ally here btw it's at 6 tomorrow 

Trish: hands in

(they all put there hands in) 

Adam: gaabt is a go 

Dez: what 

Adam: get Austin and Ally back together is a go

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