Three Shot: All You Ever Do Is Leave

A sad Louis one shot called: All You Ever Do Is Leave, I cried while writing it. It's a sad story about two people who were madly in love but things start to change as one of them becomes distant and starts becoming way too busy. The ending is the saddest part. Enjoy... Actually, it's sad :( Tell me what you think :D


2. This Is Forever

I received a text from Louis asking how I was after the day before I told him to leave me be. He did just that. It took me months before I met someone new. Someone who made time for me. He was amazing! One day he bought us tickets to France! I couldn't resist! We were having the most amazing time when I saw a familiar face. On stage. Singing a familiar song. It was Louis Tomlinson. He didn't see me so I carried on walking with Lloyd and ignored him. He and I had the best time in France! One day he got down on one knee and proposed to me! I said yes and we lived the happiest life ever! Wondering the world with no care at all. We travelled almost everywhere and I forgot all about One Direction. I forgot about Louis Tomlinson. Forgot about music. All I thought about was my future and Lloyd. Life was perfect! 

"I love you Jaylene Hectorson!" Lloyd said happily. We were standing at the riverbank with the wind through our hair. Looking out at the sunset and watching the waves crash on the beach. 

"I love you too Lloyd Parker!' I smiled at him. He hugged me tight and didn't let go for ages! We lived forever happily!


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