Three Shot: All You Ever Do Is Leave

A sad Louis one shot called: All You Ever Do Is Leave, I cried while writing it. It's a sad story about two people who were madly in love but things start to change as one of them becomes distant and starts becoming way too busy. The ending is the saddest part. Enjoy... Actually, it's sad :( Tell me what you think :D


3. I Will Always Love You

Louis' POV

I always remembered Jaylene. Always wondered what I could've done to save our relationship. What we could've been. I wanted to know where she was all the time. Wanted to know what she was doing 24/7.If I'd ever see her again. If she still remembered me. She never texted me. Always wondering if she still loved me. I sure still loved her! Through every tour, show and concert, she was the only thing that went through my mind. I knew I never should've said what I said to her that day. It was mean. Would we still be together if I never went to pick her up that day? Is all this my fault? I always wondered if she was taken or not, if she had moved on. I missed her and now I was left to live alone. Roam the earth without her. Always waiting for a phone call that I knew I probably wouldn't get. She was my life. I never moved on. I died alone. I was dead while she was old and happy living the life she deserved. Only, it was without me. My life was over without her. She wasn't by my side. But I never gave up. It was sad. I'm in heaven now. Watching over her and her children. Even watching over her husband Lloyd. Even though it killed me to watch her and him together, if she was happy I was happy. And she was all that mattered to me. I would never want her to be miserable. Even if we were still together and she didn't love me, I would have to leave her so she could find happiness. She was my heart. And that was the story of my life.

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