Three Shot: All You Ever Do Is Leave

A sad Louis one shot called: All You Ever Do Is Leave, I cried while writing it. It's a sad story about two people who were madly in love but things start to change as one of them becomes distant and starts becoming way too busy. The ending is the saddest part. Enjoy... Actually, it's sad :( Tell me what you think :D


1. Bad News

Louis' POV

I ran up to my girlfriend and hugged her tight. It had been ages since I saw her last. In between tours and concerts we never have any time. She was so surprised to see me. I could tell! She wasn't expecting me. I went and picked her up from school. She goes to Dirkbird High School. She's in her last year now.We had just finished our huge world tour and couldn't wait to come home and rest. The tour was amazing, incredible, but it was good to be able to come home and see the people we loved. 

"Hey Jay!" I saidr as I ran up to her.

'Hey, OMG, Lou, you're back, I missed you soooo much!" She squealed excitedly.

"Do you wanna come over to my house? OMG Lou, it's Christmas in 2 weeks, you should come over, my parents would love to have you! After you take me home we sh-"

I cut her off after loads of her questions, I didn't think she took atleast one breath in any of her speech! I can't babe, I know we haven't seen eachother in 9 months but I have to go back to America tomorrow. I'm only allowed one day off to say hello to my family." Her face dropped. 

"well, that's alright I suppose, we can still spend time with eachother at Christmas right?' She asked. I looked down at my feet and shook my head.

"Lou, how long are you going for?" She asked sighing.

"It doesn't matter, what matters is that I get to spend an hour with y-'

"Yes, Louis, It matters. I need to know. How long are you going to be in America for?" She asked again, this time in an agitated mood.

"Another 12 months.' I mumbled sadly. She looked back up at me wide eyes. She shook her head in shock. 

"A whole year Louis! A whole year! Babe, I can't wait that long to see you! You have been away for 9 months and only have and hour to spare? No Louis. No. I can't put up with this going away then coming back for a bit and then going away again thing!" She said with anger. What she said annoyed me. it wasn't my fault! 

"It's not my fault that I'm big, famous, rich and all the girls love me. You, you're nothing! Just a school girl that I met at a concert! I do try you know! That's all! I'm sure i could find any other girl who would be happy to have just an hour with me a year! Look at you, you are too selfish to even appreciate that! Who do you think you are!?" I snapped at her. She gasped at what I had just said to her and started to run but I grabbed her arm. 

"look I'm sorry, I didn't mean that!" I said. She pulled her arm away and turned to me with tears streaming down her face. 

"You try? You Try? No you don't! Okay sure, I am lucky to have an hour with you, but even when we are together to don't treat me or take me anywhere! I have NEVER had a birthday present from you! So no Louis, you don't try! You may be famous, but that doesn't make me nothing! And you think you can get any girl who would love to have you for an hour? Well you're right! You would easily be able to find someone who would want you for an hour! But that's not love! That is want! They would only want the attention of being your girlfriend and want your money! They would never argue with you! what you say, would always go. What we have is love! I argue with you because I want to make our relationship better! Have I ever asked for money? Sure, yes, but hun, I only asked for about 5 dollars for bus money or something. I don't ask for things. I don't want things. I have only ever needed you! Not your money, not your fame, just you Lou. Because we have real love! I love you! And I would never want that to change. But I'm not begging you to stay! If you can't treat me right then we wont work out! If you get upset just because I'm confessing my feelings then this will really go down hill if we ever have a future and there may be bigger problems! So Lou, Just think about that! Because the definition of love, is us. I love you. So do you know what? Go, go to America with your boyfriends! Because all you ever do is leave!" She cried. Jay ran away from me and I didn't see her for the rest of the day. in the morning when I woke up there was no text or missed call. I started to worry. Just as i was about to board the plane I turned my face to see if there was anyone there telling me not to go but nobody showed up. I realised I might have just lost somebody i really loved. It was after the plane ride when I texted her. I got a reply back say not to talk to her. To give her some time while she thinks. I was sad and in tears knowing I may never hear from her again. It was heart breaking.


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