Three Shot: All You Ever Do Is Leave

A sad Louis one shot called: All You Ever Do Is Leave, I cried while writing it. It's a sad story about two people who were madly in love but things start to change as one of them becomes distant and starts becoming way too busy. The ending is the saddest part. Enjoy... Actually, it's sad :( Tell me what you think :D


4. Authors Notes

That is what happens when you say things you shouldn't. But never give up! Hold on just like Louis did in this story. Even if you don't get your love back in the end, at least you would know you have tried. Any way this was a sad story, especially the last chapter. I cried a little while writing it :( If you didn't like it, tell me what I could've done better :) Any more story ideas for me, out them in the comments box! I love you all! Even the haters! Bye xoxo

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