I Think I've Just Been Adopted By .. One Direction !?

Eleanor Green never really knew her birth parents . She grew up in an orphanage and no one really wanted to adopt her . And when somebody did , they'd end up bringing her back ... Then one day , five mysterious boys walked in . Has a miracle just happened to her ?


13. The Meet Up ..

The only person I told about this was Paul . I didn't want to tell any of the boys to get worried . Paul and I made a plan to ensure I wasn't gonna get killed . I just hope this isn't a gang bang or a plan to kidnap me just to get close to the guys or anything ..

As me and Paul where discussing the plan , he made sure if I wanted to go through with this plan . I started double thinking . But , I wanted to prove someting to myself , I've always been to chicken to do anything .. And Julianna has always been there to see it .


" Are you positive about doing this ?" Paul reassured me .
" Yeah .. I guess .." I said nervously . I hope this plan works . When we were talking about the plan , it got me confussed . I just hope this works ..

We headed to that meadow . Julianna was standing right in the middle . Which is odd because she hates getting dirty . Paul drops me off & heads to his planned hiding spot .
" Well hello Eleanor .." Julianna said with a devilish grin on her face .

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