I Think I've Just Been Adopted By .. One Direction !?

Eleanor Green never really knew her birth parents . She grew up in an orphanage and no one really wanted to adopt her . And when somebody did , they'd end up bringing her back ... Then one day , five mysterious boys walked in . Has a miracle just happened to her ?


12. Suspicion ..

As I was sneaking back in , I tried to be as quietly got in the house . Everyone was sleeping or they were handling tour stuff . I went on Amelia's laptop and searched about our parents death . We were  to young to remember anything and we weren't even there . A bunch of headlines came up . One specifically caught my eye . ' Albert & Beatrice Green Survived The Deadly Car Crash !?'

* Hours of research later * It is now 2 a.m. and I have finally found the truth about my parents . Turns out , Yasmine is our aunt but she just plainly hates us . She made up the story that our parents are dead . She basically " kidnapped " us from the nanny and she did not realize it . They're also headlines saying that they are looking for us .

While reading , I fell asleep ..

* The next morning * I woke up to many various emails . Most of them hate mail from Directioners . But there was one that really caught my eye . It was from Julianna . She wants me to meet her in the field near school . This can't be good ...


Hello ! I didn't you guys would like this chapter so I didn't publish it . But anywho ! I am co-authoring a story . It is called MOVING 'WEST' on derpypeople . Plz check it out ! Don't forget to like , favorite , become a fan , and give me feedback !:***

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