I Think I've Just Been Adopted By .. One Direction !?

Eleanor Green never really knew her birth parents . She grew up in an orphanage and no one really wanted to adopt her . And when somebody did , they'd end up bringing her back ... Then one day , five mysterious boys walked in . Has a miracle just happened to her ?


6. Suspension .

" What do you think you to young ladies are doing !?" Mr . Smort yelled . I never expected to be in this much trouble . Especially , 'cause I am never noticed by anyone . Unless , I walk into the front office , or I ask the teacher something after class . " I am disappointed especially you Eleanor ." Mr . Smort went on about being disappointed in us . He left the room for a while to talk to the witnesses . Then he came back with Harry .

" Julianna , if you could wait in the hall please ." Mr . Smort had requested her to do . She rolled her eyes and walked out .  "Harry , what are you doing here ?" Everything went down hill from there ..

" Eleanor , your suspended !" Mr. Smort yelled . Julianna burst through the doors with a huge grin on her face . " Did I just hear that little goody two shoes over there is .. Suspended !?" She was hysterical with laughter . " You are too !" Mr. Smort stormed out of the room before Julianna could argue . " THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT !" Julianna said as she ran after Mr. Smort . Harry beat her to Mr. Smort . Harry was gonna take the blame . I feel bad 'cause he didn't do anything ..

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