I Think I've Just Been Adopted By .. One Direction !?

Eleanor Green never really knew her birth parents . She grew up in an orphanage and no one really wanted to adopt her . And when somebody did , they'd end up bringing her back ... Then one day , five mysterious boys walked in . Has a miracle just happened to her ?


9. Paul !?

I took my head out of the loop and turned around . To my suprise , it was not any of the boys . It was their security guard , Paul . "The boys will miss you , ya know ? Especially Harry ." Harry . What'll happen to Harry if I commit suicide ? I feel like this is selfish , but its a way to get away from society , bullies , etc .. " Yea right . They won't care if I'm gone . I bet Harry would be dating Julianna .." Paul looked stunned at my answer . " And what about your sister ? Amelia ?"






Sorry for a short chapter ! But before this chapter , who did you think was gonna save Eleanor ? Anywhoo ! Don't forget to like , Favorite , share to your friends , give feedback , and become a fan ! :*

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