I Think I've Just Been Adopted By .. One Direction !?

Eleanor Green never really knew her birth parents . She grew up in an orphanage and no one really wanted to adopt her . And when somebody did , they'd end up bringing her back ... Then one day , five mysterious boys walked in . Has a miracle just happened to her ?


5. Harry To The Rescue ..

As soon as Harry heard what Julianna had said , he pushed me aside and came to my rescue . " Look Julianna , you don't have to act like a bitch if Eleanor and Amelia hang around us ! They are human just like you ! They may not have that much terrific lives , but they are amazing people when you get to know them !" I was shocked . I looked over to Julianna to see her expression . She looked like she was getting ready to pounce on me . " What kind of brain washing did you do to them to get them to like you ?!" As soon as she finished , she tried to punch me . Before I got hit , Harry pushed me aside . Mr . Smort heard all the commotion . He ran outside and dragged me and Julianna away ..





Hello !<3 Short chapters for now . It is a four day weekend , but we are buuusy ! Don't forget to favorite , share to your friends , comment , and become a fan !(;

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