Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


4. Vacuum

Niall sat next to me as he entered te class room the next morning.
"Hey love." He smiled, kissing my cheek, Jesse gave me the 'what' eyebrows and I giggled.
"May. Stop playing with vacuums!" She joked, gesturing to my hickey.
"I love it." Niall muttered and he kissed the red spot. Zayn came and sat between me and Niall, I glared and kicked him under the desk.
"Can we help you?" I hissed, why am I his victim!?
"Wow, you two are really close now eh?" Zayn snapped and flicked a piece of my hair away from the mark. "Niall. Come here." They both stood and walked into the hall, soon Niall came back in an avoided looking at me, going to sit on the opposite side of the room, Zayn came back to us and I slapped him.
"What the fuck did you do!?" I almost yelled, glaring at Zayn.
"I let him know that your mine." He stated as if it was obvious.
"Your GIRLFRIEND is yours. Not me." I said angry. I stood an walked to Niall, kissing him passionately. "I'm yours." I muttered into his mouth.
"Good." He replied kissing me more.

"Hello. Come in." I sarcastically hissed at Zayn as he unlocked my door and let himself in. "Hey." I called as Zayn turned off my tv. "I was watching that!" I yelled, he walked towards me and sat next to me, pulling me up So I'm straddling him. "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" I hissed shoving away.
"You got my texts?" He asked, I checked my phone and was greeted by pictures of Zayn break up texts to perrie. Not being able to hide the grin that just spread on my face.
"Good." I muttered glancing at him awkwardly.
"Break up with Niall." He begged leaning towards me. I pushed Niall to the back of my min and let Zayn press his lips to mine.
"WHAT THE FUCK MAYBRY!?" Nialls voice broke my heart. "I uh. Came back to get my coat.." He grabbed it off the chair. "Um. Don't talk to me anymore." He walked out and tears filled my eyes. How in the world could I allow myself to hurt nialler!?
"I changed my mind." Zayn stated. I raised my eye brow in question. "Keep flirting with Other guys, it's a turn on for me to watch that." I rolled my eyes but kissed Zayn again,
"Will do." I joked. Burrowing my face into his shoulder as he lightly kissed my neck. Pressing every thought of Niall away.


I walked from the library to my locker, I've stayed late again. I looked down the hall to see my brothers old friend Harry approach me. Harry's a grade younger but two years older.
"Hey haz." I muttered, unlocking my locker. From the corner of my eye I saw him smirk.
"I love when you call me that may." He fake moaned making me giggle. I bent down to set my binder away and grabbed my purse. "How are you?" He asked as I locked my locker. 
"I'm fine, I miss Colton and my parents but. You know how things are." I stated. Harry hugged me tightly.
"I'm sorry for your loss love. Colton had to get outta the town! You always have me! Your flirting buddie!" He joked, referring to when we would flirt to piss Colton off. We stopped walking and I noticed Zayn sitting at a table away from us a bit, he was starring at us intently. I smiled to myself as I remembered his words from last night, ill flirt with harry right now. I giggled loudly and grabbed Harry's arm.
"You were always the funnest person to flirt with." I stated, harry laughed and scooped me up, carrying me over to a table next to zayns, unaware if his watching us.
"So. How is living alone? Cause I can alllways come over and we can play video games like we used to!" Harry stated, I glanced to Zayn and saw him looking at his textbook with a small smile I his face. I straddled Harry and looked in his eyes.
"I like it more when we don't play video  games..." I winked and felt a hardon start to grow in Harry's pants. I giggled and glanced down, looking back up to Harry. "That's hot" I joked. Me and Harry have always had a relationship like this, where we flirt, and makeout, and play around.
"Your hot." He replied, glancing down my shirt. I glanced at Zayn and saw him smile widely. He's obviously enjoying seeing me flirt. My phone vibrated, and I giggled, reaching into my jeans picked and reading the text.
Who is this guy!?

I rolled my eyes and dropped it into my purse.
"I missed you haz!" I stated running my hand over his abbs slowly.
"I missed you two may! I miss your house! I practically lived there after the accident! You me and Colton! Three bestfriends!" I giggled.
"Those were good days!" I muttered running my fingers over his abbs, tracing every muscle. He moaned softly and his hardon grew full size.
"That feels good love." He muttered, glancing at my hand.
"Obviously..." I joked. Harry's hands grabbed my arse and pulled
My body against his, when my
Breasts pressed against his chest he moaned again. I moaned softly just to tease Zayn, I glanced at him from over Harry's shoulder and he frowned, telling me to stop. I winked at him and backed away from Harry. "So... Video games?" I asked as I stood, Harry grabbed my
Purse and used it to cover his hard on making me giggle.

"I, uh, need to take care of this." Harry
Muttered awkwardly glancing down at his pants. I laughed and shoved him towards Colton's old room.
"All right. Ill make pop corn yeah?" I asked, he nodded and walked away.


I glanced down at the table, chips, beer, Pepsi for me, and popcorn. This was me Colton and Harry's thing. Video games and fattening foods. I felt hands on my hips and jumped. "What game do you wanna play haz?" I asked, not bothering to turn around.
"How bout....." He walked over to the cabinet under the tv and pulled out a pile of games. "These." I giggled and nodded. Me and Harry have a special relationship, or we had when Colton left we didn't talk much anymore, me and Harry have a brother sister but like brother and sister that fuck. He was my first. He's the only guy I've ever been with in that way, he's also protective of me, like very protective. 
Lips on my own dragged me out of my thoughts and I kissed back, Harry's the BEST kisser, we madeout for almost an hour and then started playing video games. Every time I won he would reward me with a kiss, when he on I'd let his deepen the kiss.


"Bye haz!" I yelled out the door, haz turned and waved but it was hard to see because of the suns setting an hour ago. I walked inside and took a deep breath. I looked at the coffee table and started picking up our garbage and left over junk food from our gaming. I tied my hair up and cleaned our mess, when the door opened I sighed. "Hey Zayn." I muttered, he grabbed my waist and spun me around to show an angry expression.
"Did you just sleep with him!?" Zayn yelled, infuriated. I can not believe Zayn would think that! Sure I have slept with Harry but I won't when I have feelings towards Zayn! 
"No. We didnt do anything but play video games." Lies. Relief flashes over zayns features but he didnt seem convinced, "look at the mess we made. Harry and I would never do anything more than flirt. He was Colton's best friend." I half lied, we do more than flirt, but he was Colton's best friend.
"Your mine. No one else's. mine." Zayn had a hard look in his eyes, to ease his worry and tension I pressed my lips to his and let him slip his tongue into my mouth. He stopped kissing me and pulled away with a angry look painted on his face "did you kiss him? Because you taste like beer, you don't drink beer." He hissed, glancing down at the table and seeing one beer can and one Pepsi can. My eyes widened, he knows me to well. 
"What!? Pft no." I lied horribly, I sound guilty. Zayn stepped away from me, his hands turning into fists at his sides, knuckles white. 
"You. Are. Mine." He hissed, stepping back towards me and grabbing the back of my neck, pulling it towards him. He started sucking harshly.
"Zayn! Don't!" I snapped trying to push him away before he made a huge mark. But I already know it's too late. When he pulled back he turned and walked out the door without another word to me. "Bye..." I muttered, locking it and going up to my bathroom to examine the awful mark. It was over the other one so there's only one visible mark. Just to piss Zayn off I'm covering it, I grabbed my foundation and put it on a piece of clear tape, I placed the tape over the hickey and smoothed the sides down, I had to do that with three different pieces of tape but when I finished my neck looked normal, perfectly plain.

I woke up and glanced in the mirror, the hickey looks worse than it did last night. Ugh. I have to redo my tape thing, its only Tuesday so I have so bear through this week. 

"Hey haz." I muttered as Harry walked up to me in the hall, it's a period before lunch.
"Wanna ditch and come get lunch with me? I'm worried about that Malik kid and you. He's watching us through the classroom window at the end of the hall." I slowly turned and my eyes met zayns, his glare turned soft and me gave me a smug smirk.
"Yea. Sounds good. Leggo." I threw the binder I just grabbed from my locker back in and grabbed Harry's arm, walking beside him. As we aproached the class Zayn stood and walked into the hall, he grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Harry.
"What the fuck!?" He hissed, pointing to my neck.
"Im not having a mark from you zayn! your an ass" I snapped, Harry shoved Zayn away from me and grabbed my arm lightly, pulling me out of the school.
"Why did he point to your neck?" Harry asked, glancing at it.
"Uh. I'm not sure." I lied, not wanting drama between them. 
"May. Tell me the truth." Harry gave me a pained look.
"He came into my house without me knowing and force me up against a wall, he gave me a huge hickey and I covered it so I don't have a mark from him". I stated, it's true, i was forced. Harry stopped walking and turned back to Zayn, I grabbed his wrist. "Don't." I begged, Zayn had a smirk playing on his lips. 
"I have to. I promised Colton I'd take care of you." Harry muttered, taking off into a run and putting his arm on zayns neck, forcing him against a wall. "Don't ever fucking touch her without her permission again. Or I will kill you." Harry roared, turning an walking back to me. He grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out of the school, I glanced back and saw Zayn glaring at Harry.
"You've just fucked everything up haz." I warned, Zayn started to walk after us and I felt my pace pick up,  "lets just go to my house and ditch the rest of the day."

"Bye haz!" I called, his headlights Flicked on and he drove away. "Thank god." I muttered. Harry's been up my ass about staying away from Zayn all day. I'm starting to regret telling him the truth. I closed the door but didnt bother locking it because zayns probably going to show up soon. Ill wait for him.
I glanced at my clock 9:34, I turned on the tv and rested my head on the backrest of the couch.

*yawn* I stretched my arms upwards and glanced at me watch. 11:57. I guess he's not coming. I hope he's not going to listen to Harry, I pray. I got up and locked the door, going into my bed and laying flat on my back. 

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