Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


16. Problem with ruining people

"Mm. What's for breakfast doll?" Zayn asked as he placed his hands on my hips, I tilted my head back and pressed my Lips to his jaw line.
"eggs." I stated, turning back to the stove and flipping them. Zayns eyes focused on my arm and I glanced down, wondering what he's looking at. On my wrist there's a tiny splotch of red on the shirt.
"What's that?" He asked, reaching a hand to grab my wrist and look at it.
"Nothing. Jam." I lied horribly. He nodded.
"So i have to take you dress shopping today, don't I." Zayn stated giving me hat award winning, heart breaking, killer smile. I gave him a small smile, grateful he let the red on his shirt escape his mind.
"I'm going with Jesse.. Sorry babe." I lied, I can't let him see my wrists.
"Ok. Ill give you money for it. Pick something sexy for me doll." He stated as I took the pan off the stove, he kissed me after I set it down, lifting me onto the counter. "I love you."
"I love you." I replied.




"Beautiful." Zayn stated as I walked from our room in my new dress, it's blue strapless, tight around the bust, and poofs out a bit around the waist, black lace over the blue on the top. To cover my arm I got a black lace arm cover thingy for each arm. It's perfect. I curled my hair into ringlets and did light makeup that makes my eyes pop.
"Leggo." I mumbled, Im nervous. We climbed into my truck.


"Im  gonna get us some drinks." Zayn stated, walking away from me.
"Hey." My ex Ryan walked up to me. "I like the dress. Very sexy." He joked. "But what's up with the arm covers?" He asked, eye brows raised. I made a cutting motions nd he nodded.
"I'm still the fucked up fourteen year old I was when we dated, I'm just eighteen now." I mumbled.  Ryan wrapped me in a hug and started swaying back and forth to the beat of the music. 
"My hugs always made you feel better. You know that was my biggest regret? Breaking up with you. I loved you. Hell. I miss you. I still love you, four years later." He murmured, hugging me.
"Ryan. I'm sorry. I don't feel the same way.... I'm with Zayn.." I muttered, Ryan stepped backwards and looked at my brusised eye.
"Ya. And I can't tell he really gives a damn about you. He hit you." Ryan snapped, pointing to my eye.
"What?" I'm shocked.
"That's a knuckle mark, a girls not strong enough to do that? It was Zayn."  He poked it softly and grabbed my purse, opening it and grabbing my phone, adding his number.
"I love him and he loves me." I stated, looking for him, he's talking to some girl from our class, ones crawling all over him, the kicker is he's grinning like its the best thing in the world. They were the skanks. "Or maybe he doesn't give a fuck. Ill text you." I muttered, pinching my arm to feel the pain of cutting without having to. Ryan's hand stopped mine. 
"Don't. Don't hurt yourself. Lets get some alcohol into you." He stated.


"Jesse!!!!!!" I yelled running to her.
"May! Your drunk!" She chuckled and hugged me tightly. "How are things?" She asked, glancing around. "Where's Zayn?" 
"Over there." I slurred pointing to him who's grinding with a skank.
"Dear god. He got sucked in...." She muttered, her boyfriend wrapped his arm around her and she patted her stomach.
"I think it's a girl." She whispered, smiling widely.
"I think it's a breakup." I mumbled, watching Zayn.
"Hun. I saw the smile you had when you were talking to ryan.. And Mikes been watching you all night. You have all these boys at your disposal." She muttered. 
"I think I might go talk to mike..." I mumbled hugging her and her boyfriend and walking toward him.
"Hey." Mike smiled, I grinned back, I felt arms wrap around me and I jumped. "EY Mac. We're tying to talk here." Mike snapped.
"MAC!" I cheered turning and hugging him.
"How are things love?" Mac winked and gave me a cute grin.
"Shitty. It was nice seeing you mike." I mumbled, linking arms with Mac an walking to table.
"i hear from Niall that you and zayn are together and happier than ever." He stated, giving me that grin again.
"Ya. So fucking happy. So fucking happy he left to get us drinks two hours ago, two bloody hours. He's with the skanks." I hissed glancing around, "I'm actually just going to go home. This is depressing. Text you later." I stood and hugged Mac, walking from the old gym. When I reached the street I glanced around and saw a guy, my age, leaning against the side of the building smoking, I shouldn't walk to him but I'm pissy and I need a smoke.
"Can I have one?" I asked, he turned and gave me a shocked look but nodded and handed me a fresh one from the pack, light it and handed it to me.
"I'm Keaton." He stated, smiling at me. He's gorgeous. Like Zayn....
"I'm maybry. Did you go to my school?" I asked.
"No. I came with my girlfriend but she broke up with me because there's this Zayn kid who she's big on. They've been grinding forever and I think I'm going to leave." Keaton stated, I gave him a small broken smile.
"I'm Zayns girlfriend." I said slowly, inhaling deeply, I don't smoke, but I think this is an ok time to make an exception. "And I can't break up with him. He's the only good thing in my life. I love him but he probably doesn't care about me at all and I feel like I used to be able to do better than him but my uncle beat me and raped me and now I'm broken and I know Zayn doesn't love me anymore, maybe he never did but I don't know why I'm telling you this." I gushed, 
"Ah. It's ok. Want the rest?" He offered me his pack, i smiled.
"Zayn would kill me if he knew I was smoking, but, thank you." I took one last drag and dropped it to the ground, squishing it into the pavement.
"It was nice to meet you. Can I get your number?" He asked, I shook my head.
"Your extremely nice but I have a problem with ruining people." I stated, walking inside.

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